[Law-meditation] Meditation MOnday this week, any conflicts? PLEASE REPLY

Lawrence Krieger LKrieger at law.fsu.edu
Sun Apr 14 13:04:46 EDT 2019

Hello all, we are on as usual for 12.30, but i know there are competing lunch meetings and I could move a little earlier if need be.  PLEASE REPLY (to me only) if you want to attend meditation but would like to meet a little earlier (i.e. 12 or 12.15 range).  I know there is a Bar prep meeting starting at 12.30 and possibly others, so just reply to me (preferably by 9 a.m. tomorrow) IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND MEDITATION TOMORROW, and let me know you either prefer regular time or you want ot move it earlier (and if so, if 12.00 or 12.15 is better for you).

I will send another message to confirm which time; we will lean toward keeping regular 12.30 time but if most everyone wants to come earlier I am happy to do so.  Watch for confirm message by 10.30 tomorrow, if you see nothing figure on regular time, but i will confirm.  If you are NOT attending tomorrow, please do NOT reply, to keep it simple, thanks.  Prof K.
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