[Law-meditation] for exams, this description is encapsulated in the meditation practice we are learning

Lawrence Krieger LKrieger at law.fsu.edu
Tue Dec 4 11:08:06 EST 2018

All, This may be of use or interest; note how our first instructions to notice feelings, thoughts, sounds, etc, and then Allow them rather than resist or try to push them out is explained at some length here.  This and other parts of the writeup may be useful for unpleasant or unwanted feelings, which can also impair your exam performance this time of year.  So try some of these things, and come on by Thursday, 12.30 in Roberts 326 for a short practice experience.  Newcomers always welcome, these things are so easy to learn once you catch on to them.  Prof K.  ps, I'll send the usual very short reminder Thursday morning; here's the link to view:  https://my.happify.com/hd/6-ways-to-mindfully-calm-your-anxiety/?et=f37509b4-662c-4581-8c4c-466f4fc21345

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