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Dear FSU Environmental Law Certificate Students,

Please note that FSU Department of Urban and Regional Planning is offering the course, Planning Dispute Resolution, this coming Fall 2022. This is a pre-approved elective course for the Certificate Program. Should you have any questions regarding the course, please reach out to Prof Tom Taylor at ttaylor at fsu.edu<mailto:ttaylor at fsu.edu>.

URP 5122-0001 Ref # 9236

Planning Dispute Resolution
(Negotiation, Collaboration and Consensus Building)

Fall 2022
Mondays 6:35-9:15; 0033 Bellamy

Dr. Tom Taylor
Pepper Building, Rm. 275
ttaylor at fsu.edu<mailto:ttaylor at fsu.edu>

Course Description

Our communities, country and world are facing unprecedented economic, environmental, political and social challenges.  Planners, public administrators, lawyers, business people and others negotiate every day, participate in meetings and prepare materials for decision-making.  Their success and that of their employers, shareholders, clients, and communities depends on their expertise AND on their ability to negotiate, advocate and seek consensus on quality solutions.

This course is designed to provide the skills needed to analyze complex and controversial situations and negotiate and facilitate shared solutions.  We will address challenges related to permitting, siting locally unwanted land uses, enforcing environmental regulations, implementing projects/programs, allocating public services/resources, intergovernmental coordination and plan, policy and rule development.   We will explore collaborative alternatives to adversarial or unilateral decision approaches that often drain public and private resources, damage important relationships, result in less than ideal solutions or fail to resolve the issues in any way.

We will “learn by doing” in negotiation role-plays, small and full group exercises and individual and group projects. The class challenge is to shape a shared understanding (practical theory) for advocacy, consensus seeking and dispute resolution that can be used by public and private planners and others. This “challenge-based learning” provides a model for collaborative problem solving within and between groups in a wide range of personal and professional settings at all levels.

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