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Dear FSU Environmental Law Certificate Students,

Pleased to share the email from our Externship Program Coordinator, Claire about the Earthjustice<https://earthjustice.org/about/offices/florida> Contact and Opportunities.
Should you have questions, please reach out to Claire at cwright at law.fsu.edu<mailto:cwright at law.fsu.edu>

Good day

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From: Claire Wright <cwright at law.fsu.edu>
Subject: Earthjustice contact & opportunities

Dear students,

Mr. Jordan Luebkemann, who is an associate attorney with the Tallahassee Earthjustice office, was unexpectedly prevented from attending last week's Meet & Greet. He has offered to share his email address (jluebkemann at earthjustice.com<mailto:jluebkemann at earthjustice.com>) and to make himself available to answer any questions FSU Law students may have about Earthjustice. He also let us know that the office is nearing the end of their hiring process for Summer 2022 law clerkship positions, so if that is something you'd be interested in, I'd encourage you to apply right away. The positions are competitive. Below are some basics on what to expect from their Summer clerkship opportunities and Fall/Spring externship positions, and you can read more and submit an application on their website here: https://earthjustice.org/about/intern-extern-clerk


  *   Summer law clerks work with Earthjustice attorneys on case development and litigation. Under the supervision of an attorney, a law clerk's primary responsibilities are to perform legal and factual research, and to develop case strategy and legal theories.
  *   Law clerks may also have the opportunity to assist attorneys with preparing briefs and motions, to meet with clients and experts, to participate in moots of oral arguments, and to attend court proceedings and conferences with opposing counsel. In addition to involvement in ongoing litigation, the summer program includes seminars with attorneys from across the organization on current environmental issues.
  *   The Earthjustice Summer Clerkship position includes a weekly stipend, with the average clerkship lasting 10 weeks. We encourage currently enrolled law students who have a minimum of ten weeks to commit in the summer to apply. Learn more about Earthjustice's Law Clerk Program<https://earthjustice.org/about/jobs/law-clerk>.

  *   Externships are designed for current law students. They are typically short-term (one semester) and unpaid, though students may pursue academic credit for their work with Earthjustice. The time commitment of externs may vary depending on the office, but is often in the range of 12-16 hours a week.
  *   Our externship programs offer law students the opportunity to work part-time in legal practice settings outside of school during the academic year. Through an externship, students can gain real work experience in specific areas of interest.
  *   Students in externship programs are supervised on-site by a licensed attorney, who assigns specific tasks and provides oversight and feedback. Earthjustice externs may assist in case investigation, legal research and discovery, and prepare memoranda, briefs and other legal documents for administrative and judicial proceedings.


Claire S. Wright
Externship Program Coordinator
Florida State University College of Law
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1601
Phone: (850) 644-1432
Email: cwright at law.fsu.edu<mailto:cwright at law.fsu.edu>

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