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Opportunity at the Getches-Wilkinson Center at the University of Colorado Law School.

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Do you a young environmental lawyer who might be a candidate for this?

Jon Ahlquist, Assoc. Prof., meteorology, EOAS

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Job Summary
The Getches-Wilkinson Center (GWC) at the University of Colorado Law School is seeking two outstanding attorneys to serve as the inaugural Getches-Wilkinson Center Water Fellows. Fellows will work on the most pressing water law reform issues of the day under the guidance of leaders from the non-profit, government, and private sectors.
Who We Are
The Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment endeavors to serve the people of the American West, the nation, and the world through creative, interdisciplinary research, bold, inclusive teaching and innovative problem solving in order to further true sustainability for our use of the lands, waters, and environment. Major programs and initiatives focus on natural resources, water and public lands issues in Colorado and the West; energy and environmental security in the developing world; electricity regulation and energy policy; climate change law and policy; and native communities and environmental justice. The name comes from the contributions of two iconic figures in the law school’s environmental law history, David Getches and Charles Wilkinson.

Learn more about Colorado Law: https://www.colorado.edu/law/about-colorado-law
What Your Key Responsibilities Will Be

  *   The overarching objective of the Fellows Program is to create a matchless educational and mentoring experience that will prepare the fellows to become leaders in the field.
  *   The intensive two-year program will immerse the fellows in the real world challenges of water law and policy. During the program, the Fellows will be actively engaged in water law reform in the public interest and will hone their leadership, communication, advocacy, and research skills.
  *   The Fellows will work with GWC faculty and staff, and with partner organizations on state and tribal negotiations, pending legislation, administrative proposals, ballot initiatives, and policy implementation.
  *   This work will be done at every level — federal, state, tribal, county, city, and international.
  *   Fellows will be expected to attend major meetings, conferences, and hearings; draft media content on emerging issues; publish white papers and law reform recommendations; perhaps offer testimony at hearings and make public addresses; and work on at least one long-term project that develops in-depth expertise in water law.
What You Should Know

  *   Housed in the GWC at Colorado Law, the Fellows will have full access to the extraordinary resources and institutional support of the Law School.
  *   To encourage multi-disciplinary solutions, the Fellows will be able to draw on expertise in departments across the University and nearby national laboratories.
  *   Fellows will also work with leaders in NGOs, government, and the private sector.
  *   Each Fellow will have a law faculty mentor and will also have the opportunity receive professional development and leadership training.
What We Can Offer
The fellowship term is two-years. Salary will be $68,000; fellows will have a travel and training budget.
The University of Colorado offers excellent benefits, including medical, dental, retirement, paid time off, tuition benefit and ECO Pass. The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the largest employers in Boulder County and offers an inspiring higher education environment. Learn more about the University of Colorado Boulder.
Be Statements
Be Collaborative. Be Proactive. Be Boulder.
What We Require

  *   J.D. or relevant terminal degree
  *   Minimum of three years relevant practical experience since receiving your J.D..
What You Will Need

  *   Excellent writing skills.
  *   Commitment to serving diverse and underrepresented communities.
What We Would Like You To Have

  *   3-5 years relevant practical experience since receiving your J.D..
  *   Demonstrated experience or background in water law or related field.
  *   Demonstrated experience in environmental research.
Special Instructions
To apply, please submit the following materials:

  *   A current resume.
  *   A cover letter that specifically addresses how your interest in the fellows program and how your background and experience align with the requirements, qualifications and responsibilities of the position.
You will not be asked to upload references at this time.

Open until filled. Full consideration if apply within 2 weeks of job posting date.

Note: Application materials will not be accepted via email. For consideration, applications must be submitted through CU Boulder Jobs.

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