[Law-envtlcert] Florida climate litigation panel tomorrow--Room 103, 9:30 AM

Hannah Wiseman hwiseman at fsu.edu
Tue Jan 7 17:13:57 EST 2020

Dear students interested in Environmental, Energy, Land Use, and Natural Resources Law,

This is a reminder that on Wednesday, January 8, at 9:30 AM in Room 103, the FSU Environmental Program will host a panel on Reynolds v. Florida-a Florida case addressing the impacts of climate change in this case. Andrea Rodgers (one of the case attorneys) and five of the children who are plaintiffs in the case will speak, and the event will be livestreamed at https://mediasite.capd.fsu.edu/Mediasite/Play/9a8496fb1b81480e93e947ce0def402e1d.

Best wishes,


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