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Please see below for a message from Professor Donna Christie:

Dear Certificate Program students,

If you are still looking for courses for the Environmental Law Certificate, the Coastal and Ocean Law course is not currently full. I think I can provide you an excellent experience in the course. I have taught the course for over 35 years and am considered one of the founders of this area of law; I have been an author on the leading texts on the subject since the 1980s; I served as one of the legal experts for the National Commission on Ocean Policy; and I am passionate about our oceans and coasts. We will be using a very up to date text that my coauthor and I just published a few months ago.

This course provides an overview of the law and governance of the oceans and the coasts that affect and are affected by the seas. Layers of governance range from international law to local governments attempting to deal with protection of citizens' right to use the beach and  withthe effects of climate change. The course will include issues concerning coastal regulation and 5th amendment "takings," public beach access issues, how to address and who will pay for coastal adaptation to climate change, marine pollution (including  oil pollution [Deepwater Horizon] and plastics pollution issues), and protection of the marine environment and marine biodiversity. The oceans and coasts seem to be an area where conflicting and overlapping jurisdictions constantly collide in the attempt to protect, conserve or develop resources and to react to the pressures of economics, politics and the environmental change. This makes the practice of law to address coastal and ocean concerns particularly complex.

The course does not have a final, but 3 papers (7-9 pages) are required at intervals during the course (each 30% of the grade). The course is concentrated, due to other conflicts I have, and classes will end on March 4). The final paper paper is due on March 9, completing all the course requirements.

All the best, Donna Christie, FSU Professor Emerita of Law

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