[Law-envtlcert] Immediate internship opportunity with TECO Energy; possible post-graduate job opportunity

Hannah Wiseman hwiseman at fsu.edu
Wed Aug 21 14:20:05 EDT 2019

Dear Environmental Certificate students,

Below please find a rare and exciting immediately available internship opportunity with TECO Energy<https://www.tecoenergy.com/> for the legislative session. TECO Energy is a Tampa-based company, which is a subsidiary of Emera, Inc.-a Canadian energy company with investments in many parts of the energy sector, including renewable energy, natural gas pipelines, and electric transmission and distribution lines, among other sectors. In Florida, TECO Energy serves more than 765,000 electricity customers in the Tampa area, and it provides natural gas to numerous Florida customers. Please act quickly given the short time-frame of this opportunity. Also please note that interning with TECO Energy could potentially lead to a post-graduation job.

The following is Dean Henley's announcement:

Great paid internship opportunity for a 2L or 3 L with TECO Energy for the legislative season.  They need someone immediately to assist with legislative efforts in Tallahassee during the fall committee meeting weeks and the legislative session starting in January.   Could lead to a job after graduation with the legislative team or corporate in-house in Tampa.  See job post #17837 - deadline Sept. 6.  Call Dean Henley if you need more information 644-4495

Best wishes,


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