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Dear certificate students:

Attached please find some information about the US Department of Justice ("DOJ") Honors Program, and about Environment and Natural Resources Division ("ENRD"). The application period opens today, and closes September 4.

This is one of the best jobs you can get out of law school, environmental or not. They are looking for students with good grades, of course, but also students that have demonstrated a commitment to environmental law. Students that have interned with DOJ ENRD in the past are especially encouraged to apply. We have had several alum that have been and are employed by DOJ ENRD. One is now the general counsel at the US Environmental Protection Agency (that's a pretty good job, too, by the way).

There is additional information in the attachments, including some tips in applying.

Those of you not rising 3Ls interested in DOJ may be able to work as an intern at DOJ. Please see Professor Gertz in the externship office about signing up for credit, and attend the externship lunch this September.

Shi-Ling Hsu
D'Alemberte Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Environmental Programs<http://www.law.fsu.edu/academics/jd-program/environmental-energy-land-use-law>
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