[Law-envtlcert] FW: Invitation to students to participate at the 53rd Annual FL Section A&WMA Conference

Shi-Ling Hsu shsu at law.fsu.edu
Wed Sep 27 10:24:32 EDT 2017

Certificate folks:

I am forwarding a notice from the FL Air and Waste Management Association inviting students to participate in the Section meeting at the FSU Turnbull Center, October 25th & 26th:

This is an invitation from the FL Section A&WMA Board to students across the State of Florida to participate in the 53rd Annual A&WMA Florida Section Conference (http://flawma.org/events/conference/<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__flawma.org_events_conference_&d=DwMF3g&c=AgWC6Nl7Slwpc9jE7UoQH1_Cvyci3SsTNfdLP4V1RCg&r=TC3kPr5v8lianY8P9O04M64U2WiPgFzMW29sUaU-W78&m=RUr68hlj7FsngjVLlzvIJAKmW0FqOEq03md-d13lDQ0&s=7sdZtuGRvdcQx9-vPZMdZp-OwtSmVG4Itemm7vGTXNE&e=>) to be held on the 25th and 26th of October, 2017.
I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to FAMU and FSU students for their participation at the Conference.

This year once again, we are excited to host the ECI Student Competition as well as the Student Poster Competition at the Florida State University Turnbull Center, Tallahassee. Please find attached the details of both competitions as well as student volunteer forms and more<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__flawma.org_resources_students_&d=DwMF3g&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=uGGGbmUSleSJUVhvzj7BDQ&m=MzTwpFpSwulpCJetYXSprguDVrhc1_RU7eFlwbr4pMw&s=K81IdPYlc_-DH3nUauvRDD4Id_NMIw7RS5j6MIkXGDo&e=>!

The cost structure for students allows for a break for those who volunteer and/or present, but discounts are only for A&WMA members. Here's the breakdown:
Student Non-AWMA - $70
Student AWMA - $50

Student AWMA volunteer OR presenter - $25
Student AWMA volunteer AND presenter - Free
All rates include attendance to the Conference and Meals

If the students would like to apply for a Student Membership, they may follow the following protocol:
Student Membership Protocol
·        Apply for the $35.00 student membership at www.awma.org<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.awma.org_&d=DwMF3g&c=AgWC6Nl7Slwpc9jE7UoQH1_Cvyci3SsTNfdLP4V1RCg&r=TC3kPr5v8lianY8P9O04M64U2WiPgFzMW29sUaU-W78&m=RUr68hlj7FsngjVLlzvIJAKmW0FqOEq03md-d13lDQ0&s=lZAJ0AV6KA-K5Y2cieReBYYmW-QWBS_dpEIA-5HCCCk&e=> to obtain confirmation of your A&MWA registration.
·        Email your confirmation proving your registration is complete, a copy of your current course schedule or transcripts (must be a full-time student to qualify) and your name and current mailing address to: executive.secretary at flawma.org<mailto:executive.secretary at flawma.org>. Reimbursement of $17.50 will be processed by the Florida Section within 30 days of the email.
·        Don't forget to notify your student chapter of your new membership. In case you do not have an active student chapter at your university, you have nothing to worry - You can still participate!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding the conference or the competitions.

We eagerly look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you.


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