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Environmental Certificate folks:

See below for a fellowship announcement.

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Subject: APA Planning and Law Division--2017-18 Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. Fellowship

To Whom It May Concern:

The Planning and Law Division of the American Planning Association is accepting application submissions from planning students and law students for its 2017-18 Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. Fellowship.  One fellowship with a stipend of $2,500 is awarded per academic year. The stipend includes a $1,500 award and a $1,000 stipend to attend the APA's National Planning Conference.  If possible, please forward the attached fellowship announcement and application to the editors of your journal.  PDF and Microsoft Word versions of the application are attached for your convenience.  Submissions are due on September 15, 2017.

We look forward to receiving applications from your students.

Kind Regards,

Brian J. Connolly

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