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Below is a job announcement in connection with the Presidential Management Fellow Program, a federal paid internship program that is an excellent entrée into federal government employment. Please click on the link below on how to apply for the PMF program. This specific position contemplates that you apply for and get accepted into the PMF program, and then request an assignment for this particular job with the US Forest Service in Atlanta. I am not clear on the procedure.

Regardless of the specifics of the USFS job, the PMF program has been a federal job opportunity vehicle for law grads in the past, and is likely to remain so.

Note the very quickly approaching deadline of December 1.

Shi-Ling Hsu
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Florida State University College of Law
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The Fire and Aviation Management (FAM) program in the US Forest Service Southern Regional Office is considering hiring a Presidential Management Fellow for 2017-2019. If you are aware of strong candidates for the position described below, please consider encouraging them to apply to the PMF program by December 1st.

Position Information
The duty station for the PMF will be the Regional Office in Atlanta, GA. The PMF will be involved in formation and implementation of program management, partnership growth and outreach, workforce development, and strategic planning.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to the following:
*         Representing the USFS in a developing partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The PMF will work closely with CDC and USFS R&D personnel to address public health concerns related to smoke exposure and will use CDC feedback to improve decision-making related to prescribed fire and smoke management practices.
*         Managing and improving a pilot FAM Fellows leadership development program for mid-career USFS employees.
*         Developing and putting into practice, organizational strategies to continue the implementation of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy. The PMF will collaborate with partner agencies on a unified strategy for the Southeast.
*         Assisting in preparation of a variety of briefing papers and reports for Region 8 Fire and Aviation Management leadership.

Candidates that bring the following experience or background would be especially suited for this position:
*         Experience developing tools to improve risk management and decision-making across a wide range of contexts
*         Knowledge of natural resource management
*         Ability to learn about wildland fire and incident management
*         Experience facilitating trainings and meetings
*         Ability to write reports and briefing papers

Since 2008, FAM has had a PMF on staff in the Southern Regional Office. PMFs in FAM have had opportunities to work directly with regional leadership on high-priority regional and national Forest Service programs, and on programs in which the Forest Service is one of many federal, state, and local partners. With more than 8 years of recent experience working with PMFs on staff, FAM leadership in the Southern Region provides a supportive environment for fellows to meet their professional development needs while contributing to improvements in fire, all-hazard, and aviation-related programs across the region. Other program areas in the Regional Office have also hosted PMFs, providing for a strong network of PMF alumni with ongoing and past experience working in the Southern Region.

PMF Program Information
The two-year PMF program is administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and is open to anyone who:

1.       Has completed an advanced degree (e.g., master's, Ph.D., J.D.) during the previous two years from the opening date of the PMF Program's annual application announcement, or

2.       Will have successfully met all requirements for an advanced degree by August 31st of the year following the annual application period
Successful applicants who are granted PMF finalist status by OPM are eligible to apply for PMF-designated positions with various federal agencies, including the Forest Service. Eligible veterans can claim veterans' preference when applying for the PMF.

Current federal employees are also eligible for the PMF program if they meet one of the two criteria listed above, though accepting a position as a PMF requires forfeiture of permanent status if the applicant is a permanent employee.

Benefits of the PMF program include:

  *   160 hours (80 per year) of formal, interactive training on leadership, management, policy and other topics
  *   Mentorship from current PMFs and PMF alumni
  *   Challenging work assignments
  *   Feedback on your work
  *   At least one 4 to 6 month developmental assignment (i.e., detail)
  *   Potential for promotions and career ladders

Upon successful program completion, PMFs are eligible for noncompetitive conversion to permanent positions. While the Forest Service has a strong track record of converting a large majority of those who successfully complete the PMF program with the Agency, conversion to a specific position, unit, or locality of the fellow's choosing is not guaranteed.

The very first step for interested candidates is to ensure they apply to the PMF program during the application period, which is open from 11-18-2016 to 12-01-2016. See https://www.pmf.gov/become-a-pmf/2017-application.aspx for more details.

For a small sample of what PMFs in the Forest Service do, see: http://www.fs.fed.us/working-with-us/jobs/presidential-management-fellows-program

For questions about Region 8 FAM and the PMF program, please contact John Souther, Region 8 FAM, Phone: 404-347-2992, email: jsouther at fs.fed.us<mailto:jsouther at fs.fed.us>

[Forest Service Shield]

John Souther
Natural Resources Specialist

Forest Service
Southern Region - Fire and Aviation Management

p: 404-347-2992
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jsouther at fs.fed.us<mailto:jsouther at fs.fed.us>

1720 Peachtree St. NW, Suite 746 N
Atlanta, GA 30309
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