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Certificate and LLM students:

Below is information from our alum, Michael Gray, who is in charge of Dept of Justice outreach to Florida law schools, about the Department of Justice Honors Program. The Honors Program is the only way to be hired on at DOJ at the entry level.

DOJ's Honors attorney program begins accepting applications on July 31, 2016 and the applications close on September 6, 2016.  No extensions are granted so it is very important that the application be submitted during this timeframe.
ENRD participates in the Department's Honors Program in which we hire entry-level attorneys to join our Division.  Selectees represent diverse backgrounds and  interests, and come from law schools throughout the country<https://www.justice.gov/careers/legal/lawschools.html>.  The Honors Program is centrally managed by the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management<https://www.justice.gov/oarm/>, but ENRD reviews the applications submitted for our component and makes independent hiring decisions.  Selections are made based on many elements of a candidate's background including a demonstrated commitment to public service, academic achievement, leadership, law review or moot court experience, legal aid and clinical experience, past employment, and extracurricular activities that relate to the work of  ENRD.
For further information on the Honors Program please visit the DOJ webpage.

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