[Law-envtlcert] Student Challenge RE: 2015 Florida A&WMA - Student Program Info.

Hatcher, Lindsey LHatcher at law.fsu.edu
Wed Aug 26 13:18:11 EDT 2015

Dear Environmental Certificate Students,

This is a very interesting opportunity to participate in a student competition to develop the best plan for implementing the Clean Power Plan (the Obama Administration plan to reduce greenhouse gases from power plants). Teams of 3 to 5 students are invited to submit a plan on how to reduce emissions down to the emissions rate target set out in the most recent publication of the Clean Power Plan. Students interested in assembling a team please touch base with Professor Hsu for some guidance.

Lindsey Hatcher
Environmental Program Associate
Florida State University College of Law
425 W. Jefferson St., Suite A227
Tallahassee, FL  32306-1601
T: (850) 645-8749 | F: (850) 644-7282

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