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Sent on behalf of Professor Markell, Steven M. Goldstein Professor and Associate Dean for Environmental Programs:

Announcement Number

Promotion Potential


Position Title


Hiring Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

Open Period


Duty Locations

1 Vacancy in Seattle, WA



For More Info

Human Resources Unit
Heidi Kaplan
(503) 326-3686
Kaplan.heidi at epa.gov<mailto:Kaplan.heidi at epa.gov>



Who May Apply
All students scheduled to graduate from an ABA-accredited law school in December 2013 or Spring/Summer 2014, and recent graduates who are completing judicial clerkships, are eligible to apply for the Honors Attorney Fellowship. Fellows must be bar members, or have membership pending or awaiting bar exam results (of any State, U.S. territory, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia) at the time of appointment.
EXCEPTED SERVICE positions fall under Schedule A of the Federal Hiring Authorities. The candidate chosen by the selecting official for this position may be newly converted to a Schedule A appointment or converted from his/her present Schedule A appointment.
A candidate from the COMPETITIVE SERVICE with the applicable credentials, if selected, must voluntarily convert from his/her appointment to the EXCEPTED SERVICE. That employee must provide a statement when appointed that s/he is leaving the COMPETITIVE SERVICE voluntarily to accept appointment in the EXCEPTED SERVICE.
EXCEPTED SERVICE appointees within the Environmental Protection Agency may not transfer to, detail to, or compete in competitive/merit promotions to COMPETITIVE SERVICE positions. Attorney-Advisor appointments are unlike other EXCEPTED SERVICE appointments that provide a gateway into the COMPETITIVE SERVICE through noncompetitive conversion, such as the Veterans Recruitment Authority (VRA) and programs now falling under the Pathways Program such as the Presidential Management Fellows Program and the Internship Program (previously known as the Student Career Experience Program).
A COMPETITIVE SERVICE applicant should ensure with the Human Resources Unit that s/he understands the implications of this change in appointment before accepting the appointment.
Duration of Appointment
For an applicant who is member of a bar at the time he or she begins work, this is a 2-YEAR TIME-LIMITED APPOINTMENT to Attorney-Advisor, a position that is classified within the EXCEPTED SERVICE.  For an applicant who is not a member of a bar at the time he or she begins work, this is a time-limited appointment not to exceed 14 months, per the requirement of 5 CFR 213.3102(e).  If the law clerk passes the bar within 14 months of starting work, he or she will be converted to an attorney position for the remainder of the two-year fellowship period.
The EPA Region 10 Honors Attorney Fellowship is designed for a recent law school graduate with excellent academic credentials and strong interests in an environmental law career and public service.  It provides an opportunity for entry-level attorneys to practice law in a leading governmental environmental organization, and to receive extensive training in and exposure to environmental law and policy work in the public sector.  Region 10 offers new attorneys significant responsibility, the opportunity to handle a challenging caseload that includes enforcement and counseling work, and extensive training and mentoring from experienced colleagues with recognized expertise.  EPA offers a diverse and supportive work environment.

The Office of Regional Counsel is responsible for preparing administrative, judicial, and criminal cases against violators of environmental laws.  These cases require the development and use of technical and legal strategies for negotiation and litigation.  The primary statutes enforced by EPA are the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (Superfund), and Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.  The Office of Regional Counsel works collaboratively with state, tribal, and local governments to implement national environmental laws.
In addition to preparing enforcement actions, attorneys are responsible for counseling the Regional Administrator and Program Directors on the interpretation of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Furthermore, attorneys are expected to participate in civil or criminal litigation of cases referred to the Department of Justice and to represent the Agency in administrative proceedings.  The Office of Regional Counsel employs approximately 35 attorneys, plus support staff.  Attorney caseloads are not confined to one industry, statute, state, or tribe.  The Region consists of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and more than 270 Tribal governments.
Starting Grade and Pay:
An applicant who has completed law school but not yet passed a bar exam will be hired as a GS-9 law clerk.  If the law clerk passes a bar within 14 months of appointment, he or she will be converted to a GS-11 attorney adviser.
An applicant who is a member of a bar at the time of the job offer will be offered a GS-11 Attorney-Adviser appointment.  An applicant who will have completed a year of experience as a judicial law clerk before starting work for EPA will be offered a GS-12 Attorney-Adviser position.
At the end of one year as a GS-11 Attorney-Adviser, the incumbent may be offered an appointment as a GS-12 Attorney-Adviser without further competition.  Similarly, a GS-12 Attorney-Adviser may be offered an appointment to a GS-13 Attorney-Adviser at the end of one year without further competition.  In either case, appointment to a higher grade will depend on the demonstrated performance of the incumbent and cannot be considered to be guaranteed or automatic.
Key Requirements
All students scheduled to graduate from an ABA-accredited law school in December 2013 or Spring/Summer 2014, and recent graduates who are completing judicial clerkships, are eligible to apply for the Honors Attorney Fellowship. Fellows must be bar members, have membership pending, or awaiting bar exam results (of any State, U.S. territory, Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia) at the time of appointment.
Major Duties
Legal Research and Problem Resolution: The incumbent researches legal questions relating to regulations, lawsuits, enforcement actions, executive orders, and other administrative actions involving federal statutes affecting the Agency's programs.
Legal Advice and Policy Recommendations on Enforcement Matters: The incumbent provides legal advice on regional enforcement matters.
Drafting of Determinations, Regulations, Notices, and Related Documents: The incumbent drafts Agency determinations, proposed and final regulations, notices and other documents to be published in the Federal Register.
Litigation Matters: The incumbent assists with defensive and enforcement litigation in connection with specific Regional matters arising under federal environmental statutes.
Negotiation and Informal Dispute Resolution: The incumbent represents the region in its dealings with outside parties, including negotiation of consent orders.
Representation of the Region: The incumbent represents the Region at conferences and meetings held with other federal departments and agencies.
Liaison with Offices of General Counsel and Enforcement: The incumbent serves as liaison between the Region and the Office of General Counsel and OECA to obtain legal advice on issues of national importance, or to help assure that Headquarters' offices base their advice or decisions upon accurate perceptions of the pertinent facts and Regional program objectives.
You must meet all qualification requirements, including any selective factors, by the closing date of the announcement.
TIME-IN-GRADE: EXCEPTED SERVICE employees of the Federal government are required to meet the time-in-grade restriction of one year of Federal experience at the next lower grade.
EPA will review available applications to ensure applicants meet the basic qualification requirements. We will evaluate each applicant who meets the basic qualifications. Applicants determined to be qualified will be interviewed by a panel of supervisory and staff attorneys.  Finalists will be referred to the Regional Counsel for selection.
Applicants must have excellent academic credentials (average of at least 3.0 or equivalent during law school preferred) and demonstrated interest in an environmental law career and/or public service.
How to Apply
Please submit the following no later than February 24, 2014:
*      Resume, including significant accomplishments, academic and work experience (including salary, work schedule, duties performed, and approximate dates of employment), class rank (if available), contact telephone number, and e-mail address.
*      Official or unofficial transcript of law school grades.
*      Cover letter explaining the applicant's interest in the Fellowship.  Address it to "Hiring      Coordinator."
*      Name, address, and telephone numbers of three references, including a current or former employer and a law school professor or advisor.
*      If you are a veteran, Veterans' Preference Documents - DD-214 Member 4 copy, VA Letter, and SF-15, if applicable; if you are active duty military, statement of service from commanding officer documenting dates of active duty and any campaign medals/badges; include character of service.
The first round of interviews will be conducted by telephone starting in March. Finalists must provide an official transcript and a writing sample.
Applications for the Region 10 Honors Attorney Fellowship must be e-mailed to:
R10fellowship at epa.gov<mailto:R10fellowship at epa.gov>
Do NOT send your application through your law school's on-line application system; you must send the application directly to R10fellowship at epa.gov<mailto:R10fellowship at epa.gov>.
What to Expect Next
After the application deadline has passed, applications will be reviewed and a finalists will be contacted to schedule a phone interview. After making a tentative job offer, a suitability and/or security background investigation may be conducted. A final job offer is typically made within 90 days after the deadline for applications.

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