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An important message from FSU Office of Human Resources

This message has been approved by Shelley Lopez, Program Director, Communications/Special Projects, for distribution to all Department Representatives.

As we near the start of the fall semester, we have important appointment reminders to share with you.

For recruitment, hiring guidelines, and information on the current hiring freeze during COVID-19, please visit the HR COVID-19 information page.<https://coronavirus.hr.fsu.edu/recruitment-and-hiring-during-covid-19>

New Hires/Rehires

  *   Fall express pools are available for use for OPS, GA, and OPS Faculty appointments. Training guides<https://hr.fsu.edu/?page=training/training_omni> are available for step-by-step instructions.
  *   Confirming a Top Candidate's Qualifications: Before entering a job offer in OMNI HR, a hiring department must exercise due diligence by vetting a top candidate's qualifications<https://hr.fsu.edu/?page=ers/confirm_qualifications>.
  *   I-9 Deadlines: Section 1 of the I-9 form must be completed on or before the employee's first day of work. Section 2 of the form must be completed by the third business day. If you are hiring an employee who will be working remotely and is not available to complete an in-person I-9 on campus, complete the Remote I-9 Request<https://apps.hr.fsu.edu/remote-hire-with-agent-request-form> form to initiate the remote I-9 process.
Smart Onboarding

  *   Smart Onboarding is used for new hires, rehires, additional appointments, and internal movement (e.g., promotions, laterals, etc.).
  *   Job Offers must be submitted 2-3 weeks in advance of the expected start date.
  *   Once the job offer is final approved, HR will launch the invitation to your candidate.
  *   Candidate invitations will expire after 21 days. Please ensure candidates start the onboarding process timely.
  *   NEW Express Appointment Login Enhancement: FSU credential (FSUID) logins may be used for current employees, previous employees, and current and former FSU students. Departments must enter the employee/student ID and FSUID when creating express appointments and the candidate will receive a link with instructions to log in using their FSU credentials.
  *   Department Representatives and approvers should proactively monitor their My Tasks activities, worklist, and FSU Onboarding Approvals. The Smart Onboarding website<https://hr.fsu.edu/smartonboarding/> includes Department Representative training materials, required security roles, and helpful tips and tricks for appointments.
  *   Offer letters and employment contracts should not be executed until a University required background check has been completed and a clear to proceed notification has been received.
  *   For original onboarding invitations, HR Department Representatives should upload the following to the Supplemental Documents page within the Smart Onboarding portal before submitting to HR:
        *   a signed copy of the social security card,
        *   notarized loyalty oath, and
        *   any supplemental documents required for the position (ex: contract, driver's license, etc.) Refer to Appointment Papers Matrix<https://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/Publications/employment/Appointment_Papers_Matrix.pdf>.
        *   Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Program (FGTRP) form<https://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/Forms/ForeignGovernmentTalentRecruitmentProgram.pdf> for candidates being hired into salaried appointments, faculty OPS appointments, or OPS research appointments.
Background Checks

  *   Questionnaires: All OMNI Job Offers and Job Postings contain the integrated Questionnaire; however, ePAF, pPAF, and one-time pay actions for new hires, rehires, additional appointments, and internal movement actions (e.g., job code, department, or position number changes) still require manual completion of the Questionnaire via the Background Check Forms Portal<https://hrapps.fsu.edu/background_check_portal/index.cfm?page=home#/>.
  *   Approval from The Office of Human Resources must be received for all appointments before work begins per University Policy 4-OP-C-7-B11<https://policies.vpfa.fsu.edu/policies-and-procedures/faculty-staff/employment-and-recruitment#4-OP-C-7-B11>.
  *   Purchase Order transition to Fiscal Year 2021: FY 2020 POs have closed. Please ensure new Background Check Purchase Orders are created for FY 2021.
  *   Working with Regulated Materials? See our new comprehensive List of Materials<https://hr.fsu.edu/Documents/Master-List-of-Regulated-Materials.xlsx> covered under the various federal regulations which require Level 2 Background Checks for easy lookup and to ensure compliance.
Faculty Hires

  *   Original official transcripts are required for all Faculty appointments.
  *   Transcripts uploaded to Smart Onboarding must have the proper chain of custody. If you have questions, please see the Transcripts Procedures FAQs<http://www.hr.fsu.edu/PDF/forms/TranscriptProceduresFAQs.pdf>.
Graduate Assistant Hires

  *   Graduate Assistant Offer Letters are required for all Graduate Assistant new hires, rehires, and additional appointments.
  *   Effective August 7, 2020, the minimum pay rate is $20.00 per hour for all Graduate Assistant appointments.
Dual Compensation Forms

  *   Additional Appointments may warrant a dual compensation form if:
     *   The employee is being hired into a different department than the currently active appointment(s),
     *   The currently active appointment is salaried and the new appointment is OPS (and vice versa), or
     *   The additional appointment increases the employee's total combined FTE to exceed 1.0.
  *   Dual Compensation forms for additional appointments should be submitted electronically through Smart Onboarding.
Appointment Deadlines

  *   Complete appointment paperwork received by the deadline for personnel actions<http://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/Publications/timeandleave/2020-PAYROLL-DEADLINES-FOR-PERSONNEL-ACTIONS-1-7-20.pdf> will be processed by the end of the pay period. Complete Smart Onboarding appointments are due according to Smart Onboarding Deadlines Calendar<https://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/Publications/timeandleave/2020-SMART-ONBOARDING-DEADLINES-Final-1-7-20.pdf> . Appointments received after the deadline or missing required documents may not be processed by the end of the pay period.
myFSU BI Reports for Appointment Verification

  *   Active Employees Report: Should be run on Wednesdays before the time entry deadline, each pay period during a normal pay cycle.
     *   All appointments that made deadline should appear on the report for verification.
     *   Verify appointment details and report any discrepancies via FSU Service Center case.
  *   Cost Center Report: Available during payroll processing. Two preliminary reports are released before the final report, one on Friday afternoon and one on Monday morning, during normal pay cycles.
     *   Discrepancies on the cost center report should be addressed as soon as possible through an FSU Service Center case. The deadline for cases during a normal payroll cycle is 10:30 a.m. on Monday.

Questions?  For questions regarding the Background Check process, contact Andrew Kapec at akapec at fsu.edu<mailto:akapec at fsu.edu> or (850) 644-7938. For appointment or onboarding related questions, please contact Amy Espinosa at amy.espinosa at fsu.edu<mailto:amy.espinosa at fsu.edu> or (850) 644-4286, or Abigail Lejeune at alejeune at fsu.edu<mailto:alejeune at fsu.edu> or (850) 644-6470.

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