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An important message from FSU Office of Human Resources

This message has been approved by Shelley Lopez, Program Director, Communications/Special Projects, for distribution to all Department Representatives.

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce that we have expanded the use of myFSU login credentials in Smart Onboarding to include Express appointments for current and former employees as well as current and former FSU students. These changes will allow internal candidates, rehires, and current and former students to utilize their myFSU credentials to log in and complete required steps for Smart Onboarding. This enhancement also allows for some existing data to prepopulate into the onboarding session, resulting in faster candidate entry.
What’s Changing
Beginning July 8, 2020, hiring departments will have the ability to enter a candidate’s employee/student ID and FSUID when adding Express appointments. This will carry through to the job offer. Departments should obtain the employee/student ID and FSUID directly from the candidate to ensure an incorrect ID is not utilized when entering the Express appointment.
Employees, former employees, and current and former FSU students whose Express appointments are created with the applicant type “Employee” will no longer have to create a unique set of credentials for the onboarding portal. The candidates will instead receive a link with instructions to log in using their myFSU credentials.
[cid:image006.jpg at 01D64F8E.ABFA3460]
Role/Security Updates
The role name for creating Express appointments has been changed to FSU_ERS_ADD_EXPRESS. For Department Representatives who previously had the FSU_GRAD_EX_PILOT role, it has been automatically updated and no further action is needed. Department representatives who did not have FSU_GRAD_EX_PILOT but will need access to appoint via the Express process must request the role FSU_ERS_ADD_EXPRESS through eORR.
Appointing OPS Candidate via OPS Express<https://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/publications/training/CreatingOPSExpressUpdatedAppointmentProcess.pdf>
Appointing Graduate Assistants via GA Express<http://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/publications/training/AppointingGraduateAssistantsviaGAExpress.pdf>
Appointing OPS Faculty via Faculty OPS Express<http://hr.fsu.edu/pdf/FacultyOPSExpressJobAid.pdf>
Appointing Courtesy Candidates via Courtesy Express<http://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/publications/training/CourtesyExpressJobAid.pdf>
We hope these changes will continue to improve the Smart Onboarding experience for departments and candidates.
Questions? Please contact your department’s assigned recruiter<https://hr.fsu.edu/PDF/Analyst%20and%20Recruiter%20Departmental%20Assignments.pdf> (compensated appointments) or Shayna Harris (courtesy appointments) at slharris3 at fsu.edu<mailto:slharris3 at fsu.edu>.

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