[Fla-ffb] survey of FOL groups

Karen Mahnk kmahnk at lakeparkflorida.gov
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We have a similar set up however, our Friends volunteers also have started bringing some books to sell at a local community park green market/fair and
that's done well with just volunteers a few hours each week. It also helps promote the Friends group to the community.

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We operate with all volunteers.  To answer someone else's question, we have an "in-house" book store at the library which is open the same hours as the library and it is "on the honor system" - customers leave their money at the Circulation Desk.  We took in $3,300 last year.

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Hi everyone.   We (Friends of Jacksonville Public Library) need some information.
Do you operate with volunteers only or do you have one or more paid employees?
If you have someone on the payroll, what is her/his job description?
Harry Reagan
President, FJPL
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