[Fla-ffb] info on bookstores

Harry Reagan harry.reagan at comcast.net
Sun Feb 12 16:23:55 EST 2012

Hi everyone.  A question or two about bookstores operated by Friends

If you operate a bookstore, is it done by volunteers?  Or do you have paid

Do you sell anything (gifts, food, etc.) besides books?  What kind of gifts
and food?

Can you give me a basic price list?

What is the name of your store?

How long have you operated a bookstore?


Harry Reagan

President, Friends of Jacksonville Public Library

P.S.  FYI, we operate a store that sells books and gifts and some food
(candy, snacks, drinks, etc.) in our Main Library.  We have one paid
employee - bookstore manager and executive director of FJPL.  We also sell
books at our book warehouse three morning a week and have book warehouse
sales four times a year.


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