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Dear Colleagues,

Do you have to pay sales tax on these sales? We find it incredible that we have to pay sales tax after every one of our book sales (three times a year) when every penny taken in is used for the library. Maybe we taken in about $2,000 in a good a year. We are taxed as if we were a business. We have argued with state tax officials about this but with no luck.

June Evans, Friends of the Lake Worth Library President

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The Friends of the Southwest Branch Library, 
in the Perdido Area of Pensacola has a tiny 'Boutique' inside the lobby of our 
    We sell all hardbacks 
(gift quality) for $2, scented candles (Celebrating Home) for $7, 12-pack 
notecards/envelopes with an artist sketch of the library & history on back 
for $3, tee shirts (reproduction of artist poster of egret reading a book, which 
appears on our library card) for $9 and $11, recyclable totes for 
    We have carts out in 
front of the library containing 'bargain' items:  paper backs, old hard 
backs, vhs tapes, etc.  Anything on these carts is 50 
We 'advertise' in the local free papers by 
submitting photos of children's events and always include a line about the 
boutique and that it funds the children's programs.  Our branch hosts early 
voting which brings in many residents who probably never use the library; at 
these times we recruit volunteers to be in the lobby and invite the voters into 
the Boutique (after they've voted).  Our sales were more than tripled 
during this period last month.
    We also have a little 
coupon ($1 off anything INSIDE the Boutique) that we insert into books purchased 
or we give them out to our regular patrons.
    The best asset is having 
Friends volunteers working the Boutique who relate well to the visitors.  
We have a few who work regular days/shifts and who attract regular patrons who 
come in to chat as well as browse.
    We also are a member of 
our Chamber, who has been very supportive.  We advertise in their 
newsletter, website.
Hope this helps.
Cathy Ingram
Friends of Southwest Branch Library
12248 Gulf Beach 
Pensacola, FL 
cathy99 at cox.net
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I don’t have a list of Friends 
groups with bookstores but know there are quite a few and imagine there will be 
interest in your question.  
Please send your question to the 
brand new email discussion list for FLA’s Friends groups.  Just send your 
question in an email message (like the one below) to fla-ffb at lists.fsu.edu 
Faye C. Roberts, Executive 
Florida Library 
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Subject: Friends 
from Jacksonville.  As you may know, we (Friends of Jacksonville Public 
Library) operate a bookstore in our Main Library.  (We also have a 
three-days-a-week book sale at another location.)
board is investigating ways to make our book sales more profitable, especially 
the bookstore.  I was wondering if you know which Friends groups in Florida 
operate bookstores, so we could talk to them.
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