[Fla-facrlboard] FACRL Election Results.

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I suggest that the Board vote.

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I think that all of the options for a revote are sensible.  To make things as easy as possible, I like option #3 - pick a name from a hat.

Anne Marie

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Board members

[Claire, see the highlighted section below. I need you guidance as President.]

I just closed the ballot. I have not yet informed any of the candidates of the results (except, by this e-mail, for those board members who stood in the election.) I will do so as soon as the board has accepted the results and you will see we have an issue before we can do so. I have not shared the actual votes received here, but can do so if you think it is appropriate. 135 ballots were completed, although not everyone chose to vote for a candidate in each position.  The results of the election are as follows:

President Elect -                              Kim Copenhaver (Eckerd College)
Secretary -                                         Corrine Bishop (University of Central Florida)
Members at Large (3 slots) -      Melissa Del Castillo (Florida international University.)
                                                                Craig Amos (Nova Southeastern University.)
[Then there was a three way tie for the third slot between Sarah DeVille (Ave Maria University), Jason Martin (Stetson University), and David Woolard (Emery-Riddle Aeronautical University.)

Our bylaws state the following on what to do in such circumstances. "Article 8 Sec. 2 Election: The election by online member balloting shall occur at least one month prior to the spring Board meeting. A majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to constitute an election for each office. When no one candidate has a majority of the votes cast the President shall determine the method for run-off election."

I think Claire has a number of choices:

1.       Reopen the ballot for just those three candidates and ask the membership to vote again.

2.       Vote as a board on those three candidates.

3.       Pick one of the three names from a hat.

4.       Review the membership of the board and pick one of these three based on region (one south and two central) and library type (they are all privates.)

But there may be others. If you have a preference please comment quickly. I would like to inform all our candidates as soon as possible.


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