[Fla-facrlboard] Defining Sponsorships for FACRL meeting.

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Sounds good to me - here's one suggestion for wording:

Sponsorship for the FACRL Fall Program includes recognition in the printed/online program and during the president's welcoming remarks. Unfortunately we are unable to offer time for presentations but we would be happy to provide table space for staff and/or promotional materials during the program.

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Board members

In Debbie's message to the list of 3/20 she listed a question about sponsorships as one of the loose ends we had to clear up. I responded with a proposal on that same day. Here it is

Sponsorships for the fall conference - did we agree on set levels and accompanying privileges?  I didn't have anything about that in my minutes from Feb. We need to discuss this. Before Sandy goes too much further she has interest form 4-5 sponsors already. I think the ground rules should be (unless we already have these in place from last year):
Sponsorship comes with the following:

o   A special mention in the meeting program, both in print and online.

o   Named and thanked in the President's welcoming remarks.

o   Table space for materials at the back of the meeting room.

o   It does NOT come with the right to speak to the group.

o   If sponsors want to have staff present for the meeting they need to register and pay.

o   When we have the budget finalized we will talk to sponsors about assigning their sponsorship to specific elements of the meeting - reception, breakfast, keynote (if we have one), sessions, lunch, parking, printing, student scholarships, others?
All of these are of course up for discussion. But Sandy needs guidance soon.

Sandy still needs some guidance. I have seen no responses to my response. Can Sandy, I, and the Program committee assume that Sandy can go ahead and communicate my proposals to organizations interested in sponsoring our event. I think it needs to cleaned up a bit, smoothed out, worded in a more welcoming and grateful tone, etc.  But is the Board OK with the content?



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