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Thanks, Christina.  I appreciate the feedback.


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Just got back from Spring Break so if it's not too late, my 2 cents is below :)

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Hi all,

The recent email got me thinking about some possible business items that we need to tie up prior to FLA.  I'll just throw my thoughts out there in bullet form and if you all think we need another conference call before Orlando, please indicate as much.

*         Are we doing an FACRL table/social at the pool meet-up? - Have we in the past? If so, ok but if not I'm fine with just joining the FLA social.

*         Are we set to share the FLA table in the exhibit hall?  Do we need a sign-up sheet?  Should we open this activity up to non-board members? It would be nice to have a non-board member there to tout the benefits of membership.

*         Linda, are the minutes from our Feb. 14 meeting ready yet?  (Renee, thanks for getting the rest of the minutes up on the web site.)  I need to submit our reports to both FLA and the State of Florida in the next few days and it would be helpful to have everything on hand so I don't forget anything.

*         Brochures - we should have new ones made with Jonathan's photo and info about the new membership guidelines, board eligibility, committee opportunities, etc.  Also, if we are not going to regularly publish a newsletter, maybe we shouldn't mention it in the brochure.  It might be nice if we had an insert for the brochure about the fall conference to help get the word out.  We could also order save the date magnets.  I think we could use our $376 from ACRL Chapters for these kinds of things. Sounds good to me.

*         Re: the revised bylaws and new membership guidelines - should we prepare a "press release" about that? Certainly some kind of email blast and let them know about the Board meeting at that point too.

*         Ribbons - I have about 20 FACRL ribbons left.  Should I order more?  Yes

*         I wondered about sending out an email to our members with the location, date and time of the Board meeting at FLA and inviting them to attend.  Thoughts? I think it's a great idea. Could garner more participation.

*         I've attached the manual of sorts that Johanna had put together and I had conveniently lost until recently when she resent it to me.  Jonathan, this is primarily for you, but others may be interested to see what she's compiled and possibly add other information.  I will look through my files, too.

*         Sponsorships for the fall conference - did we agree on set levels and accompanying privileges?  I didn't have anything about that in my minutes from Feb.

*         Other?

Sorry for the data dump, but I usually think about these things when I can't do anything about them (like in my car or late at night) and wanted to make sure that we still have all of our ducks in a row.  We have had a productive year!! Go Board!!

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