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Braddock, Ronald "Reb" rbraddock at admin.fsu.edu
Mon Mar 30 11:54:15 EDT 2015

Dear Students,

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 31st, between 2:00-and 4:00 the University President will be visiting the College of Motion Picture Arts to take a tour of our facility and to get to know who we are and what we do.

This is an important visit so there are a some things I would like you to help out with.

1. Please be sure that all your props, production materials, coolers, tents, trash, whatever is out of the facility. Take them home, throw them away, just be sure they are not laying around the building come tuesday. We will throw out anything that doesn't belong Tuesday morning so please clean it up. 

2. We will be putting on a number of demonstrations during the tour. If the faculty ask for your help with one of these demo's please step up and help us out.

3. If you are around on tuesday please be your best selves and if we stop to ask what you are up to, please be ready to actually tell us about what you are doping.

4. Between now and then, please keep the facility clean. Do not move furniture around, rearrange things, bring in more props or production materials, etc.

Your help is very important to making this visit a good one.

Thank You,


Reb Braddock
Acting Dean
Filmmaker in Residence
College of Motion Picture Arts
rbraddock at admin.fsu.edu

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