[Film-bfad3] Thesis Marketing - Midweek Revisions

Andrew Syder asyder at fsu.edu
Thu Mar 26 16:09:46 EDT 2015

For those of you working on thesis marketing:

Please remember to post revisions of your materials tomorrow, for midweek feedback. If you can, please have your materials in before lunch, so that Paul, Jason, and I can each get our eyes on your work.

Please prioritize revisions to the POSTER and the DVD DISC & WRAP for tomorrow.

We will then be expecting a new set of revisions on Monday, addressing any notes you receive on Friday’s materials. This new set of revisions should be close-to-final — i.e., good enough for final delivery if push-came-to-shove. 

The following week will be judgment day with Dean Braddock.


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