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I wanted to remind you all that we still have a final presentation for the thesis class that is needed. I wanted to touch base with you all to get a feeling when you would like to do these. This presentation is required for all of you and should be focused on this past years thesis experience. Here is a breakdown of what I would like in the presentation:
1. 3-5 min visual illustration of your process that shows your growth as an artist over the past year that speaks to your specific thesis capstone experience.
2. A screening of either your full film OR a reel, no longer than 2 min, that illustrates the work you did on various films, and how you did it (breakdowns)
3. A brief personal reflection on your over all growth in the program and where you see yourself going next.
I believe that Brenda is having you all also pitch your work/reels on or around the week of April 22nd. As I’m interested in seeing as close to the final product of your film, and your work. I believe that these should be held the very last week of the semester – however I am open to suggestions to when you all feel as a class these could be held. We could do them on one day or two separate days. I would suggest that you all meet as a class and discuss some options, vote and please get back in touch with me ASAP regarding this.

Hope you all are well,

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