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I have 2 very cool things to share with you about our new casting procedure. 1) Action and 2) Backstage.

We are launching a new website called "Action" for our actors to create an online profile with all their info, headshots, resume, etc. So no more need for our actors to fill out our Filemaker Pro form every time they come in to audition. Instead, they can update their profiles from home whenever they like. They will also be notified through Action whenever we hold auditions, and they can register ahead of time to expedite our processing of them at the audition.

The website for Action is:
Spread the word.

And best of all, you can access their profiles through Motion, and filter them by gender, age, ethnicity, etc. To access the list, go to the People menu in Motion and you will see a new tab called Actors (see attached screenshot). So far we have 1 actor, Dave Schmeling. But I'm going to email our Actors List to let everyone know, so more will appear as new profiles are created.

Backstage is one of the most recognized sources for connecting actors and filmmakers. And it just so happens that one of our alums, Luke Crowe (BFA 1998) is VP of Casting at Backstage. He has set up an amazing deal for us. He is allowing all of our students to have free accounts (normally $20/mo), and to be able to post casting notices for free (normally $25+ per post). And the great thing is that you get to keep this free account forever, so you can use it after you graduate as well. This will allow you to create a casting notice for each of your films and include a synopsis, character descriptions, script sides and much more. Then, actors who have a profile on Backstage can submit to your film, and you'll receive an email letting you know an actor has submitted for your film. And for actors who don't have a profile on Backstage, they can still see your listing.

See attached instructions on how to set up your free account and post a casting notice.

Action + Backstage = Casting in Style
We will begin using Action in conjunction with Backstage for future auditions. Here's how it will work. Through Action, we will notify actors of the upcoming audition and also provide them with a link to Backstage where they can view the casting notices you created for each of your films. This will give them an opportunity to see if there are any roles they're interested in and to be able to get the script sides ahead of time so they don't have to do a cold read when they come in. You will also have the option when you set up your casting notice to select other cities/regions if you're interested in casting outside the Tallahassee area.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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