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I think I unwittingly caused some confusion about this week's assignments.

Below is a summary of what I told you you needed to be working on. The confusion comes from the mission statement. There's an exercise called Preliminary Mission Statement. It's your first stab and figuring out who you are and where you're headed. There's also a 20-point assignment called Mission Statement and Launch Strategy. Don't worry about that one now. You'll do that at the end of the semester. All I need you to do now is the smaller exercise. See? This is why I was trying to make the assignments invisible until they were actually assigned. Oh well.

To work on over the next two weeks:

Finish your interviews/case studies if you didn't already (or just keep doing them because they're great)

Start working on resumes/cover letters – take your resume and job cover letter to the career center and have them go over them with you. Get them stamped. (start your cover letter with something about the company you're applying to and why you like/respect them, then tell them why you'd be a good fit and what you can offer)

Work on your mission statement and turn in a preliminary one before next class. Do the pitch worksheet – it'll help with your mission statement. It's attached.

Start thinking about your branding pecha kucha. The prompt is attached.

Do your job research. Start a spreadsheet. It's getting real now.

Read chapters 7 & 8.

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