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Faculty, staff, and students,

In case this didn’t make it into your inbox, below is a university announcement about Digitech, an annual event at the campus to showcase student innovations with technology. The event takes place on April 1st at the Turnbull Conference Center.

If you are a student and would like to exhibit your own work, the deadline for submitting an application is March 20th. If you need assistance, I would be happy to help you with your application. 

As modern filmmakers, our art is deeply intertwined with digital technology, so this event is as much for us as it is for computer scientists and electrical engineers. It’s an opportunity for us to carve out a little space for the storytellers who innovate with technology to illuminate the human condition. 

There will also be free food.



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Spread the word!
DIGITECH is seeking student and department exhibitors to demonstrate their innovations with technology.

DIGITECH is a showcase of student innovations with technology. Students and departments from across campus provide interactive demonstrations of their technical innovations. View past DIGITECH exhibits at http://www.digitech.fsu.edu/gallery.

Who should exhibit?
Any FSU or FAMU student working on a project that innovates with technology (apps, art, games, music, science, engineering, med, law, whatever!) should exhibit. FSU students begin an application now at https://digitech.fsu.edu/apply. All you need is a title and description for an exhibit. You can provide more details later. FAMU students should use the CONTACT US form at the bottom of www.digitech.fsu.edu to provide us with an exhibit name and description to start the application process. Deadline: March 20, but we'd like you to begin your application before spring break.

What's in it for me?
Student exhibits compete for crystal trophies in four areas: Innovation, Expression, Entrepreneurship, and Contribution. A fifth trophy, the "Campus Choice" award, is voted on by attendees. DIGITECH provides exhibitors with recognition, networking and employment opportunities. DIGITECH exhibits live on eternally in the online DIGITECH gallery. Additionally, there will be t-shirts, giveaways, and free food!

Who else can exhibit?
Departments, faculty and organization interested in exhibiting their innovations with technology outside the competition, should submit the form at the bottom of the page at www.digitech.fsu.edu AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

DIGITECH is a TECHNOLOGY PLAYGROUND that is sure to inspire all who exhibit and attend - April 1st at the Florida State "Turnbull" Conference Center.

More info at www.digitech.fsu.edu.

Questions? Submit the contact form on the DIGITECH website, or email kbaldauf at pic.fsu.edu.

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