[Film-bfad3] [Film-BFA] [Film-Students] Wednesday Screening

Braddock, Ronald "Reb" rbraddock at admin.fsu.edu
Tue Nov 11 17:30:34 EST 2014

Hello all,

As you know from the weekly schedule tomorrow we are hosting a screening of the film "Last Days of Vietnam" at the SLC at 10:30am.  The Film maker Rory Kennedy will be there to talk with you about the film.

It is very important that no matter what you are doing that you try to attend this screening. We are excusing you from the mandatory attendance of you are in ATL pre-pro positions for this coming weekend productions or if you are required in dailies screening, otherwise you are all required to be there.

The opportunity to meet current filmmakers and see there work must be as important to you as the making of our your own films. Without your enthusiastic participation in these events we will lose the opportunity to bring in filmmakers, their films, and such once in a lifetime events. And trust me, they are once in a lifetime. You can't get these opportunities back if you miss them.

Even if we are not requiring you to be there you should make every effort to take a few hours to see this film and meet the film maker.

I look forward to seeing you there. 



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