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Hello fellow alums and friends of FSUFILM,

Today is Great Give day and we need your help! We are once again raising money for the Meryl Warren Alumni Development Endowment.

First off, any endowment named after Meryl should be the biggest and baddest because she has been there for all of us since the very beginning, and what better way to honor her than an endowment that helps keep us all connected  each and every year for all time.  This endowment supports travel, for alums coming back to the film school for workshops and screenings, and for networking events like our industry screening and film forums, to just name a few of the big ones.

Thanks to all of your past generosity, the endowment currently sits at $152,775.16, and that’s a great start. But an endowment at that level only generates about $6,000 each year, and you can see that’s not quite enough to really make big things happen. So please help us help us all, and give whatever you can to this endowment today so that we can honor Meryl and support the future of the FSUFILM mafia, I mean, network!

Donate now – we only have 24 hours!  https://spark.fsu.edu/Project/2059/Meryl-Warren-Alumni-Fund


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