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UK Broadband Company Broadbandchoices Recently Conducted A Scientific Study Tracking The Heart Rates Of 50 People Watching Over 120 Hours Of Beloved Horror Films In 5.1 Surround Sound.   One of the top 10 is David Robert Mitchell’s (MFA 02) It Follows!  https://www.azadhindnews.com/world-news/usa/scientists-think-these-10-horror-films-are-the-scariest-youll-ever-see/\<https://www.azadhindnews.com/world-news/usa/scientists-think-these-10-horror-films-are-the-scariest-youll-ever-see/>

From Laura Christina Ortiz (wife of Idan Menin (BFA 12): “Just wanted to express to you (and please pass it on) how grateful I am for the FSU film community. Helping out with Idan's class's thesis films literally planted the seeds that changed my life and contributed to most of my long term successful relationships (both personal and professional) in the film industry. Just wanted to express my gratitude for being 'adopted' into the FSU film family and if there's anything I can do for students/in general, please let us know.”  NOTE:  Laura Christina is a costume designer, Idan a cinematographer.

From Joe Morgan (MFA Writing 16) “Season Four of "Puppy Dog Pals" premiered this morning, and I wanted to share that Disney has greenlit Season Five and that I am now a Staff Writer for the show! I got to write a couple of episodes in Season Four as well, and I'm really excited to keep working with these puppies!”

Frank Patterson, the President and CEO of Trilith Studios, has years of experience in the film and entertainment industry. As a filmmaker himself, he knows that it takes creativity, innovation, and passion to be a great storyteller. You can now listen to him share stories of his own experiences and discuss his extensive career in the film industry on this week’s episode of the Disruptor Studio podcast.  In the episode, Frank and host, Alex Gonzalez, discuss the story behind Trilith’s new branding, how the film industry continues to adapt to the ‘new normal’, the secret to unlocking creative potential, and what it takes to be a great leader. You can listen to this episode of the Disruptor Studio podcast on all podcast platforms or at the link below:

Launch Pad announced  winners of the 2020 Launch Pad Pilot Competition: BAD IDEA FILMS GUARANTEED OPTION WINNER USERNAME by Barbara Soares (BFA 12)  MR. ROBOT meets BLACK MIRROR After joining an A.I. talent agency where she impersonates a fictional CGI Instagram celebrity, a hacker finds herself at the center of a high-stakes conspiracy when the profile begins enlisting its followers to commit suicide.

From Lizzie Perrin (MFA Writing 19) “I made the semi-finals of the Screencraft Virtual Pitch Competition with my written pitch for my original pilot, Bako.  https://screencraft.org/2020/10/21/2020-screencraft-virtual-pitch-semifinalists/<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/screencraft.org/2020/10/21/2020-screencraft-virtual-pitch-semifinalists/__;!!PhOWcWs!hueSrc_HT2qRfHufuqudmTzBoISE3xrS--LYog0RAagd_O3-qntCRGR18W2eX50$>

From Alexandrina Andre (MFA 16) “Exciting news, One Life to Blossom is an official selection at the 26th annual 2020 African American Film Marketplace, due to covid it will be held virtually.  You can now stream our documentary and many others online at the 2020 African American Film Marketplace at bherc.tv<https://u1928111.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=x3R1v2zeUfUL1gFztPu8PTQUaI7GyR-2F88cMyWGVTyNhO4eKv6CTgOSaPHcuGt5N5rLU7Yg-2BqDtyjSJ2PWFBRAA-3D-3DbQM0_m1WD8KTOzZ9NBooWOEy1R-2BE1vCSudDHsc24OX7bRFt0vOR1Z8q81JbiLm21RxqI3nAm8kjDPCjDzO-2BVatbzXWqZ-2Bey8cN24V8R1ajP96byv5NQCOborfQDQMrjx5sXyhufjn8b5yrrHHsnES4XaXVk6TGqcsznGcUvMcPGH-2B0I9GIUsYRt5lW8x5-2FBovZHqEkpLRkKnQiMhZLRSGxdZnCr2w5x5DLPQJM0BT6Q8j3OA-3D>. Films are streamed on-demand by ticket holders from Oct 23rd-Nov 29th. You can watch 5 films for $10 and all proceeds of the festival go to student scholarships, filmmakers assistance programs, and the Operation Love initiative that supports the homeless. Panels and special events are free of charge. Check it out here https://bherc.tv/films/one-life-to-blossom/<https://u1928111.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=x3R1v2zeUfUL1gFztPu8PVG23jNqlUEANUk1ckZYcrH01-2FI7frzp55xcvyLBQ4rTIsMr7lZHnBp84FWSejQxSQ-3D-3DBnNx_m1WD8KTOzZ9NBooWOEy1R-2BE1vCSudDHsc24OX7bRFt0vOR1Z8q81JbiLm21RxqI3V5uecw3MW-2FZWf8uju0-2F8VFi2E5Ool9p0EOvpJgm8C1G3tUTj-2FAS-2BF4N-2FrbF-2B6Qzeu4qxIvGIP7S1izYabHO-2BlOD78ks5XEvAs1HeLkbawoqsUIhn2NgWG4J1mxQoDa6UYgLzsYSauy-2FBDeAk7VWYyioVoR8xtDRThNsaA-2F0l1IE-3D>. If you're not able to watch it just yet, there will be more opportunities to see our documentary in the future!
From Adam Schlachter (BFA 97) “For all my amazing friends who asked how they may be able to stream/download my Academy Award qualifying documentary, "And The Brave Shall Rise", I am happy to announce it is now available for rental/purchase on Amazon Prime.  Just in time for election week, I promise it will convince you there are good candidates out there, you may just need to look a little harder.  And may it, perhaps, inspire you or a loved one to run for office.  Logline:  In the wake of the high school shootings in Parkland, concerned citizens travel by bus to Tallahassee to debate legislators about an urgent issue: Gun Reform.  One of them, a stay-at-home mom, runs for office in honor of her son.  To view on Amazon Prime:  https://www.amazon.com/Brave-Shall-Rise-Cindy-Polo/dp/B08LL96GMR<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.amazon.com/Brave-Shall-Rise-Cindy-Polo/dp/B08LL96GMR__;!!PhOWcWs!gnkIas8ILLtI-TzKseAe4F6ItRYjQNcUGcKnAg8wojT_b_ADpwpPuPPtmYzM8rCI_2U$>  (Also on IndieFlix.com FilmDoo.com & ShortsTV.)”

From Ben Fredman (MFA13) “I have been working in Alaska since summer as a camera operator and drone cinematographer for Alaska The Last Frontier on the Discovery Channel. It's been a fortunate situation to ride during the pandemic - I've been filming on a 700-acre homestead and occasionally traversing the alpine of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. I've walked on glaciers and thrashed through mud in a 6x6 UTV full of gear. It's been a long run, we wrap filming in a week. I'm excited to come back to LA ... it's getting really cold here. The 10th season premiered last weekend and is on Discovery Channel every Sunday night!”

The Women in Animation (WIA) Scholarship Program is devoted to furthering the academic efforts of deserving animation college students who demonstrate artistic talent, a passion for animation, a financial need, and a promising future in our industry. Applicants who have identified themselves as female or non-binary, and who are enrolled in schools all over the world to pursue various aspects of animation production, are encouraged to apply.This year, WIA is continuing to expand its ongoing WIA Scholarship Program with workshops and software packages for recipients of the 2021 cycle from industry partners Animation Mentor, Autodesk, Toon Boom and Unity.  https://womeninanimation.org/scholarship/?utm_source=Women%20in%20Animation&utm_campaign=6c4614055a-Weekly_Digest_20201027&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0507198472-6c4614055a-199257621&fbclid=IwAR3vwpjBAlPN0XKBjSwed_7W6ewscQzV3JkMLlFSKWq7HVcitRDo-piHUxI

“My name is Joshua Shifrin and I graduated from FSU in 2010.  Several years ago I published a novel titled, 'Chasing Victory'.   Log line:   When a struggling teen who is being treated by a neuroscientist for a learning disability steals some of the drug she’s still developing, it sets off a chain of emotional dilemmas and dire consequences. The book is a psychological thriller and was recently optioned by a small production company called 'Destiny Pictures'.  The book was adapted into a screenplay, and in my humble opinion I think the screenwriter did an excellent job.  The founder of Destiny Pictures, Mr. Mark Castaldo, is now looking to team up with another production company to assist with funding to help get this movie developed.  I know it's a bit of a longshot, but I was wondering if you knew of any FSU film school alumni, or faculty, who might be willing to take a look at the screenplay to see if they could assist in any way.”   If interested contact  Dr. Shifrin at drshifrin at yahoo.com or at 860-966-0309.
“Stockade Works is seeking a dynamic, collaborative professional with a passion for film and television and workforce and economic development in the Hudson Valley. The Program Manager will play a critical role in overseeing Stockade Works training programs including planning and implementing SW’s annual programming slate, facilitating mentorships, managing SW vast database, creating program budgets, assisting with grant proposals and working closely with incoming productions to refer local crew. This is a full-time position reporting to the Executive Director. Please send cover letter and resume to info at stockadeworks.org<mailto:info at stockadeworks.org>  View job posting HERE<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/stockadeworks.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=c6f7fc4168c905c98f887f972&id=4a3c25530d&e=14a219790b__;!!PhOWcWs!gzJUI2wGM_SaaR0q8is1HyQ6dtdyW51xKsciwbad5_Ml179UObWO8kr_lJBd2rU$>”
I’m celebrating my 80th birthday today!  Well, due to COVID and a little hurricane, there isn’t much real celebration going on, but I definitely do feel like a survivor!  56 of those years have been spent working for FSU.

Brenda’s Screenings & Awards Update – October 29, 2020

The Last Summer (BFA F3 2019 Will Stead) won the Special Jury Award at the inaugural Middlesex Film Festival (founded by our own Lucas Muratore, MFA 20) on October 24. For more information about this festival go to middlesexfilmfestival.com.

All Boys Die (MFA Thesis 2019 Julio Vargas) and Ipecac (BFA F1 2019 Daniel Feldman) were selected for screening at 15 Minutes of Fame, which will be online, December 2 – January 2. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.etheridgeproductions.com/.

Upcoming Screenings and Awards (in chronological order):

The Rope Warrior (BFA Documentary 2020 Andrew Bourne/Daniel Feldman) was selected for screening at the Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival, dates to be announced. For more information about this festival, go to www.projectchicago.com<http://www.projectchicago.com>.

The Last Summer (BFA F3 2019 Will Stead) was awarded Best Student Short Film at the L-Dub Film Festival in Lake Worth, Florida, November 9-11. For more information about this festival, go to https://www.lakeworthplayhouse.org/welcome/ldub/.

The Marble Table (MFA QD2 2020 Ayana Jones) and Stand Tall (MFA D2 2019 Jessica Bouyer) were selected for screening at the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center’s African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase, October 23 – November 8. For more information about this festival, go to www.bherc.org<http://www.bherc.org>.

Elephants Purr Like Cats Do (MFA Thesis 2018 Kaleigh Spencer DR/Laura Johnson PR) was selected for screening at the Asian Film Festival in Hollywood, November 1-14. For more information about this festival, go to https://asianfilmfestival.us/.

Pine Mountain Overnight (BFA Thesis 2020 Geena Hernandez) was selected for screening at the Rome International Film Festival in Georgia, November 12-15. For more information about this festival, go to www.romeinternationalfilmfestival.com.

My Theory on Ghosts (MFA QD2 2020 Eli Barry) was selected for screening at the Wheaton Film Festival in Maryland, November 14-15. For more information about this festival, go to www.wheatonfilmfestival.com.

All the Young Dudes (BFA Thesis 2020 Will Stead), Dad Jokes (BFA Thesis 2020 Evan Barber), Wing It (BFA Thesis 2020 Jillian Lucia/Brendan Arena), Love Therapy (MFA D1 2019 Di Lu), Irreplaceable: Stories of Katrina (BFA Documentary 2020 Bretton Miller), Quarantined (BFA Documentary 2020 Aidan Baker/Perry Cox), Chinook (BFA F3 2020 Costa Karalis) and Jon Valentine (BFA F3 2020 Chase Davis) were selected for screening at the (Virtual) Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, November 6-22. For more information about this festival, go to www.fliff.com<http://www.fliff.com>.

A Separation (MFA Thesis 2019 Yalan Hu) was selected for screening at the Norwich Film Festival in the UK, November 6-15. For more information about this festival, go to www.norwichfilmfestival.co.uk/<http://www.norwichfilmfestival.co.uk/>

A Righteous Man (BFA Thesis 2020 Zach Freeman) and White Picket Fence (BFA F3 2020 Summer Schantz) were selected for screening at the Carrboro Film Fest in North Carolina, November 20-22. For more information about this festival, go to www.carrborofilm.org<http://www.carrborofilm.org>.

Five Minutes (MFA QD2 2020 Pei-Yu Lai), Perfect Selfie (MFA QD2 2020 Di Lu) and Joining the Birds (BFA Thesis 2020 Carrie Carusone) were selected for screening at the Chinese American Film Festival in Los Angeles, November 1-30. For more information about this festival, go to www.cafilmfestival.com.

Aquaphobic (BFA F3 2019 Maria Passafaro) was selected for screening in the ASIFAC’20 online animation festival taking place at the end of the year. For more information about this festival, go to https://www.asifa-south.com/.

La’Diablesse Curse (MFA Thesis 2020 Jared Prima) was selected for screening and nominated for Best Director at the Rollywood International Film Festival in Port of Spain, Trinidad, January 21-24. For more information about this festival, go to https://www.facebook.com/ROLLYW00D/.

My Wife is a Chicken (MFA Thesis 2018 Jingjue Li) is a Semi-Finalist in the North American Chinese Directors Short Film Tour, October 15 – December 31. For more information about this tour, go to http://shortfilmtour.org.

Take it Down (BFA F1 2019 Andrew Bourne), Pine Mountain Overnight (BFA Thesis 2020 Geena Hernandez), The Same Blue (MFA Thesis 2019 Wasly Castillo), The Book of Ramadani (BFA Documentary 2020 Landon Hogue/Pierce Ryan) and Ipecac (BFA F1 2019 Daniel Feldman) were selected for screening at the Central Florida Film Festival in Mount Dora, January 22-24, 2021. For more information about this festival, go to www.centralfloridafilmfestival.com<http://www.centralfloridafilmfestival.com>.

All the Young Dudes (BFA Thesis 2020 Will Stead) is a Semi-Finalist in the monthly arm of the Phoenix International Short Film Festival (which takes place in Maple, Ontario, not Arizona), February 27-28. For more information about this festival, go to phoenixshortfestival.com.

A Colourful Red (BFA Documentary 2019 Costa Karalis/Jack Owen) and Stage Fright (BFA F3 2019 Geena Hernandez) were selected for screening at the inaugural Atlanta Student Film Festival, March 18-20. For more information about this festival, go to www.atlstudentfilmfest.com<http://www.atlstudentfilmfest.com>.

Loc’d Out (MFA D2 2019 Amanda Jean-Mary) was selected for screening at the Women of African Descent Film Festival in Brooklyn, on May 1, 2021. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.brooklynartscouncil.org/accounts/posts/view/5591.

The Last Summer (BFA F3 2019 Will Stead), A Colourful Red (BFA Documentary 2019 Costa Karalis/Jack Owen), Grown Boy (BFA Thesis 2019 Tyler Knutt) and Unconverting (BFA Documentary 2019 Taylor Ross) were selected for screening at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes in May, 2021. For more information about this festival, go to www.ampav.com<http://www.ampav.com>.

My Theory on Ghosts (MFA QD2 2020 Eli Barry) was selected for screening at the Southeast Regional Film Festival in Jacksonville, May 28-30, 2021. For more information about this festival, go to ww.serfilmfestival.com/.

Dummy Love (BFA F3 2019 Evan Barber) was selected for screening at Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival in San Diego, July 22-25 of 2021, because there will be no screening at this year’s Comic-Con at Home edition of the festival. For more information about this event, go to www.comic-con.org<http://www.comic-con.org>.

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