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Congratulations to our alums who have received Emmy nominations – the list of nominees is long; if I missed someone who was nominated, please let me know:

Variety Talk Series
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Miles Kahn (BFA 97) is Executive Producer, a Writer and a Director on the Show.   There is a second nomination for Miles as a Writer.

Cinmatography for a Single Camera Series, 1 Hour
Armando Salas (MFA 02), Cinematographer

Picture Editing of a Structural Reality or Competition Program
James Ciccarello (BFA 03), Editor   Note:  This is James’ 5th nomination and 14th year on the series.

Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama
Shaughnessy Hare (BFA 00), Special Effects Editor

Outstanding Visual Effects
Octevia Robertson (BFA ADA 15), VFX Supervisor

From Thomas Jackson (MFA 98)  “I feel extremely grateful, honored and totally surprised to be receiving The Shining World Compassion Award🏆 from Supreme Master Ching Hai. Melody and I loved the awesome four part interview program Supreme Master Television produced; which was how we first found out I was receiving the award. And the icing on the already super sweet Vegan cake is that the award comes with $10,000 prize that will allow us to continue to move full steam ahead on the editing and post production of our follow up documentary, Compassion in Action - Bringing the Elixir Home.”

“Adam McKay’s Hyperobject Industries<https://deadline.com/tag/hyperobject-industries/> will produce the Untitled Vaccine Project.  He  will exec produce alongside Todd Schulman (MFA 03) and Brendan Borrell.   The search for a vaccine for COVID-19 is one of the biggest news stories around the world right now. HBO<https://deadline.com/tag/hbo/> is turning this hunt into a limited series with Succession exec producer Adam McKay<https://deadline.com/tag/adam-mckay/>.  Read the Deadline article at https://tinyurl.com/y4rxnnw3”

From Stewart Hopewell (MFA 03) “It was a journey. Proud of the team that put this animation together to help launch the new Refinery logo. Tickle me pink. We are thrilled to reveal our new logo, and share with you what this fresh look represents to our team as a brand and community of artists!  We wanted something impactful, colorful, adaptive, and uniting. We're so proud of where we landed. Our new "disc" strikes the balance between the powerful and the emotive. It's dynamic, yet refined, it's lively, but minimal. And it represents where we are, who we've always been, and what we aspire to, every day.

From Ben Epstein (MFA 09) “Our short film “Something Like Loneliness” which premiered at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival, and went on to win awards at fests across the globe, made its online premiere Monday, July 27th, in a joint effort as both a Vimeo staff pick and Short of the Week. I co-directed and co-produced it with my brother, Seth, who is a FSU Film MFA 13 alum, (with our co-producer Sasha Vinogradova, who also co-production designed and art directed). Longtime collaborator, Benjamin Verhulst (who was in my class - BFA 09), was DP, Job Jaime (MFA 13 with Seth) co-production designed, and my wife, Kelly Phelps Epstein (FSU 10), worked as costume designer/wardrobe.  1st AC: Cole Ellett, 1st AC: Aaron Chung (MFA 18) , 2nd AC: Iliana Ipes (BFA 18)  (all FSU Film alums) worked on the film as well.  It was a major labor of love for us we could not have done without the strength of the FSU film network, which still continues on for all of us to this day.”  Here is the link through “Short of the Week” where they did a very kind review:

From Chris Spurgin (MFA 99).  “I am doing well. Here's the rundown: I live in Seattle and work as a software engineer for a company in NYC. I am married and have an awesome ten year old boy. The downtime has been hectic for me. I am finishing up the siding for an addition on my house. I've been playing banjo on a small bluegrass band and recently have written some songs I hope to record one day. Through all this my wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, but treatment and outlook are good.”

From Dani Fiondella (MFA 19) “My half-hour comedy pilot, Headliners, was selected for 2020 Austin Revolution Film Festival.”

From Antonio Mendez, Film School Directing Faculty:  “Nine months ago our production crew wrapped on my most recent project, the documentary, Courtroom 3H. An overly simple but ambitious film. The film will be premiering in competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival, with the likes of Francois Ozon, Thomas Vinterberg, Naomi Kawase and few other wonderful filmmakers. Ours is the only documentary in competition at the festival.
It has been a surprising journey with a huge range of emotions, and a renewed devotion to craft. I would like to extend a warm and sincere thank you to everyone who made Courtroom 3H possible, a film made with the full support and commitment of the College of Motion Picture Arts. Thank you to our leadership, Dean, Reb Braddock without whom the film wouldn't have been possible. Thanks to Associate Dean Andrew Syder and to Assistant Dean Tony Ciarlariello for all their support throughout. Thank you to the Torchlight Initiative, a truly incredible program. I'd also like to thank all the Film School faculty and staff who have been very encouraging throughout. To David Wiley and his incredible team in Set Operations for dealing with late night calls and giving our crew the very best they could, and to Chuck Allen for the wonderful sound equipment and his infinite knowledge and skill in audio.
Thank you also to Thomas Gast who served as Post-Production Supervisor in chaos and made time when he had none. To Ian Weir, who helped us solve problems remotely and to Pete Winter for his generosity. Thank you to Victor Nuñez for his very generous support throughout, and to Paul Cohen for his always knowledgeable advice and savvy guidance time after time. And what to say about the students? All my gratitude to Yalan Hu (Producer, Camera Operator and even Sound Mixer for two days),  Santiago Oviedo (DP and Editor),   Aimée Casey (1st AC),   Sean Carroll (Production Coordinator),  Wesly Hayes (2AC A Cam, 1AC B Cam),  Chris Violette (B cam operator, B Cam 1AC),  Jordan Davenport (Operator B Cam),  Xiaoxia Lu (Operator B Cam),  Karissma Robinson (Operator B Cam),   James Mackenzie (Assistant Editor),  Tzu-Yun Su (DIT) and Carrie Carusone (Post Production Assistant). The whole production crew was made up almost entirely of FSU alumni and students. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this Film School family and this Tallahassee community. I hope you will be able to see the film soon...somehow...someplace...Maybe in San Sebastian...”

From Donna Wheeler (MFA 91) “Thrilled to be a new Mentee selected in this year's #WomeninFilm Peer Mentoring program!”

From Paul Cohen, Director CMPA Torchlight Program:   Here is news about the short film contest the IFP is sponsoring:  https://myrodereel.com/?utm_source=Filmmaker%20Magazine&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=myrodereel2020&mc_cid=708ecc3275&mc_eid=3331e26e60     My RØDE Reel Short Film CompetitionMy RØDE Reel Short Film Competition  Enter My RØDE Reel, The World’s Largest Short Film Competition, For a Chance To Win a Share of $1 Million in Cash, plus heaps of awesome prizes and filmmaking gear.

Lee C. Payton (MFA 00) & the GangBusters will be celebrating Jerry Garcia's birthday with Grateful Dead Night at the Bradfordville Blues Club! Saturday, August 1st from 9pm-10:30pm. Here's the link to the facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/726438918148849/<https://www.facebook.com/events/726438918148849/?__mref=mb> - And the show will be on Live Streaming from 9pm-10:30pm at - http://www.moosemagnificat.com/<http://www.moosemagnificat.com/?fbclid=IwAR072GphU2y0_iM4HUzwyIrIawhLo8bCQ2FGPaYPp3YQstXzFYK75Jf90mA> for radio audio - and video at - https://www.facebook.com/bradfordvillebluesclub/ - Hope you can tune in!

The Film School at Florida State University seeks accomplished actor and teacher to join the faculty to teach in its nationally-ranked School of Theatre and College of Motion Picture Arts. The nine-month School of Theatre Teaching Faculty I position will teach acting for the camera in the School of Theatre, and acting for filmmakers in the College of Motion Picture Arts, and serve as a strong and critical link between the two nationally-ranked art programs to begin Fall, 2020.This unique position is fundamental to two academic units, requiring the successful candidate to effectively collaborate with two faculty bodies, and to bridge the curricula and cultures of both. The position requires teaching three courses each semester focused on introduction to on-camera acting, advanced on-camera acting and acting for film directors. We seek an artist/educator with a commitment to enhancing each program’s national distinction and nurturing the next generation of artists. The successful candidate will learn and become immersed in the culture, ethos and inner workings of each of the units and become an inextricable bond between them.
Candidates should hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in a related field, a record of creative work of at least 10 years, and be conversant in current professional practices of both theatre and filmmaking, including short-form internet content for actors, UGC (user-generated content), and collaborative film-making with an emphasis on performance. The candidate should have five years of professional and/or University teaching. Along with their ability to teach the required courses, special consideration will be given to candidates who are members of one of the pertinent professional unions (AEA, SAG, AFTRA).  Visit https://jobs.omni.fsu.edu/psc/sprdhr_er/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL.HRS_CG_SEARCH_FL.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_JBPST_FL&Action=U&FOCUS=Applicant&SiteId=1&JobOpeningId=47533&PostingSeq=1 for complete information.

Brenda’s Screenings & Awards Update – July 30, 2020

All the Young Dudes was selected for screening at Reeling: the Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, September 24 – October 4. For more information about this festival, go to www.reelingfilmfestival.org.

The Same Blue (MFA Thesis 2019 Wasly Castillo) was selected for screening at the Seattle Latino Film Festival, October 9-17. For more information about this festival, go to www.slff.org<http://www.slff.org>.

A Separation (MFA Thesis 2019 Yalan Hu) was Best Cinematography, Short Film at the Universe Multicultural Film Festival on the Palos Verdes Penninsula in California, June 26-28. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.umfilms.org/.

Upcoming Screenings and Awards (in chronological order):

All Boys Die (MFA Thesis 2019 Julio Vargas) was selected for screening at Dances with Films in Los Angeles, July 22 – August 7. For more information about this festival, go to www.danceswithfilms.com<http://www.danceswithfilms.com>.

The Rope Warrior (BFA Documentary 2020 Andrew Bourne/Daniel Feldman) and White Picket Fence (BFA F3 2020 Summer Schantz) were selected for competition in the July Lift-Off Sessions, a competition that ends with a screening at Pinewood Studios in the UK. For more information about this festival, go to https://liftoff.network/.

The Marionette (MFA D2 2019 Juhyun Jeong) was selected for screening and is a Finalist at the Imagination Lunchbox International Children’s Film Festival in Baltimore on August 8. For more information about this festival, go to www.imaginationlunchbox.com<http://www.imaginationlunchbox.com>.

Furtherance (MFA Thesis 2019 Chavez Caley) and Stage Ready (BFA Thesis 2019 Raymond Knudsen) were selected for screening at the BronzeLens Film Festival, August 11-16. For more information about this festival, go to www.bronzelensfilmfestival.com/<http://www.bronzelensfilmfestival.com/>.

Furtherance (MFA Thesis 2019 Chavez Caley) and Viola (MFA Thesis 2019 Ellen Marmol DR/Alex McFry WR/PR) were selected for screening at the Macon Film Festival, August 13-30. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.maconfilmfestival.com/.

Yunior (BFA F3 2019 Francisco Cabrera) was selected for screening at Outfest: the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, August 20-30. For more information about this festival, go to www.outfest.org.

Sex Toy (MFA D2 2019 Kyle Sahadeo) was selected for screening at Austin Revolution, next September 9-12. For more information about this festival, go to https://austinrevolution.com.

The Rope Warrior (BFA Documentary 2020 Andrew Bourne/Daniel Feldman) was selected for screening at the Central Florida Film Slam, hosted by the Enzian Theatre in Maitland, Florida in mid-September. For more information about this festival, go to enzian.org.

All Boys Die (MFA Thesis 2019 Julio Vargas) and They Only See Our Faces (MFA Thesis 2019 Julio Vargas/Lizzie Perrin WR) were selected for screening at the Orlando International Film Festival throughout the month of September (live and streamed). For more information about this festival, go to www.orlandointernationalfilmfestival.org<http://www.orlandointernationalfilmfestival.org>.

A Separation (MFA Thesis 2019 Yalan Hu) was selected for screening at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, September 18-19. For more information about this festival, go to www.tinff.net<http://www.tinff.net>.

Him. (BFA F1 2019 Rose Hoover) was selected for screening at the Sick ‘n’ Wrong Film Festival in Orlando, at a date to be determined. For more information about this festival, go to www.sick-n-wrong.com<http://www.sick-n-wrong.com>.

Viola (MFA Thesis 2019 Ellen Marmol DR/Alex McFry WR/PR) was selected for screening at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, October 8-10. For more information about this festival, go to www.fwindie.com/.

All Boys Die (MFA Thesis 2019 Julio Vargas Dir/Shuaihua Liu,DP) is a finalist in the inaugural Los Angeles Cinematography Awards to be held October 23rd. For more information about this competition, go to http://losangeles.cawards.org/.

Take it Down (BFA F1 2019 Andrew Bourne), Pine Mountain Overnight (BFA Thesis 2020 Geena Hernandez), The Same Blue (MFA Thesis 2019 Wasly Castillo), The Book of Ramadani (BFA Documentary 2020 Landon Hogue/Pierce Ryan) and Ipecac (BFA F1 2019 Daniel Feldman) were selected for screening at the Central Florida Film Festival in Mount Dora, January 22-24, 2021. For more information about this festival, go to www.centralfloridafilmfestival.com.

Dummy Love (BFA F3 2019 Evan Barber) was selected for screening at Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival in San Diego, July 22-25 of 2021, because there will be no screening at this year’s Comic-Con at Home edition of the festival. For more information about this event, go to www.comic-con.org<http://www.comic-con.org>.

The Last Summer (BFA F3 2019 Will Stead), A Colourful Red (BFA Documentary 2019 Costa Karalis/Jack Owen), Grown Boy (BFA Thesis 2019 Tyler Knutt) and Unconverting (BFA Documentary 2019 Taylor Ross) were selected for screening at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes in May, 2021. For more information about this festival, go to www.ampav.com<http://www.ampav.com>.

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