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END OF SEMESTER SCREENINGS:   The F1 screening is Thursday (12/12) and the D1 screening is on Friday (12/13).Both screenings are at the SLC. They start at 7pm with doors opening at 6:30 and are open to the general public. COME ENJOY THE FIRST FILMS FROM OUR NEW BFA AND MFA CLASSES!

Huge news for our alumnus Wes Ball (BFA 02)!! New Planet of the Apes movie in early Development at 20th Century Fox with Director Wes Ball.   Read the Deadline article at https://tinyurl.com/sjrz7b8

From Jonathan King (MFA 92) “DARK WATERS is the last movie I had the privilege of working on as an executive at Participant Media<https://www.facebook.com/ParticipantMedia/?__tn__=K-R&eid=ARDeJSHoamIvijTdfe5D8hjJWowsBQT3S5bqdhMB1gVXC7OK2OnKM1iVJOOqxv6L_G9NTFiIwAn3DMdj&fref=mentions&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBeXGH9Ut1Rx1V2SPwVP-N1AKtkII9-IU4rePrh-vNR_Cn58xgJDmdJ-By10zTwwnyGRz-9Di61L6OR1L9qHR0HldytmsJhzTyTyozkYVjdHluMZn7eufpkh8kmjS8JTIQWkY679Aeo90TxdkpI4G8gBCROcw8rPfFrEj7VNTFrwZxsuLXMozEDY2AV1yZhVWD4lez914Yo2aqzaKoMlxH8wnpYXDDiM55S_mGGO7-vMg>.  Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Mark Ruffalo and the man he plays in the movie, Rob Bilott. We are all better off because of their tireless and selfless work on our behalf. The film opens in LA and NY this weekend and the rest of the country soon!”

From Michael Felker (BFA 10) “Earlier this year, I had the insane privilege of editing on a choose your own adventure television show. It was nuts, it was brain breaking, and it was awesome. Today, it's finally out and I couldn't be more proud of it. "The Coop" is about a popular reality tv show who finds one of its contestants murdered. It's Big Brother meets Clue. It's hilarious with a ton of great stars. Thank you to Brett Blake<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.facebook.com/bretthblake?__tn__=*2CdK-R-R&eid=ARA7RfEl1V01vWjN9UUYlwxUGa_eV4k_sqn1mP9ZV69I-MvjE1iFaDa61fwv8GJPRsO0CQR2bS_ugv0W&fref=mentions__;JQ!!PhOWcWs!jPyAhhQSUGldHgBEzewdy7Wi5V8Pp9pBH_8bs5zdhyZKAx2yA51YIAPxMy_kF88$> and Funny Or Die<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.facebook.com/funnyordie/?__tn__=*2CdK-R-R&eid=ARAqUCkFPkTpGw7gzrZk3xMZ2PMchb5gImKLToGsYIxIXN-k1IXNZ_lxocevkK_Sicsu01cwtljCrBfx&fref=mentions__;JQ!!PhOWcWs!jPyAhhQSUGldHgBEzewdy7Wi5V8Pp9pBH_8bs5zdhyZKAx2yA51YIAPxIKsD8jQ$> for bringing me and making this all possible. Thank you to Nora Kirkpatrick<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.facebook.com/nora.kirkpatrick.7?__tn__=*2CdK-R-R&eid=ARBiZ5PesBFFsrHOshPHpD4K_ns7yfz_AGwLFd9C2ezhYBP2MTV1usqN6HahZNRtNpf-_A35n4FrFizp&fref=mentions__;JQ!!PhOWcWs!jPyAhhQSUGldHgBEzewdy7Wi5V8Pp9pBH_8bs5zdhyZKAx2yA51YIAPxLT7gssE$> for making such a hilarious show. Fantastic job to Sascha Stanton-Craven<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.facebook.com/BadIdeaJeans?__tn__=*2CdK-R-R&eid=ARB8Uvs2su1nLRwsgDQIkTrPxxpsNrV5vt7cLYA2T3kremRkWwCzmDjGQ4yr5QI-HYflViiVWiivWV75&fref=mentions__;JQ!!PhOWcWs!jPyAhhQSUGldHgBEzewdy7Wi5V8Pp9pBH_8bs5zdhyZKAx2yA51YIAPx3LM6n_E$> and Gus Spelman<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.facebook.com/gus.spelman?__tn__=*2CdK-R-R&eid=ARBviPGMFnZINOMDT2OFfH9Ethy8zvcSRiUhXYIuzH_9b8xJPiKR323p56Ryb4l63RXC21JsHve28mRg&fref=mentions__;JQ!!PhOWcWs!jPyAhhQSUGldHgBEzewdy7Wi5V8Pp9pBH_8bs5zdhyZKAx2yA51YIAPx3DS6q7U$> for killing their edits too. Thank you to the rest of the post team for suffering through flow charts that'll make John Nash dizzy.”

The Guardian’s Braddies, included Barry Jenkins’ (BFA 03) If Beale Street Could Talk in the top 10 for Best Actor, Actress, and Supporting Actress; Mike Cioulakis as Best Cinematographer for Us; and Jonathan King Exec. Produced  The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, Best Directorial Debut.

Fox<https://deadline.com/tag/fox/> has given a put pilot commitment to a hourlong medical drama inspired by world-renowned neurologist and bestselling author Oliver Sacks<https://deadline.com/tag/oliver-sacks/>, from Blindspot executive producer Alex Berger<https://deadline.com/tag/alex-berger/>, director-producer Lee Toland Krieger<https://deadline.com/tag/lee-toland-krieger/> (Prodigal Son, You, Riverdale), Fabrik Entertainment<https://deadline.com/tag/fabrik-entertainment/> (Bosch, The Killing), The Imaginarium<https://deadline.com/tag/the-imaginarium/> (Mowgli, Breathe, The Ritual) and Warner Bros. TV, where Berger and Krieger are both under deals.  The show will be co-executive produced by Melissa Aouate (BFA 04). Read the Deadline article at  https://tinyurl.com/tjqr9tb

From Kyra Gardner (BFA 19) “Very proud to announce that my thesis film Phoebe has just won at the student DGA Awards! (For my non film friendos that’s the Directors Guild of America) I’ll be flying to New York next week for the ceremony! I cannot thank the people enough who worked on this film…... Y’all don’t even know the hours and hours behind this film that drove me insane. Hopefully this is just the beginning.”

Our alums have worked on lots of films screening at Sundance this year:

From Tatiana Bears (BFA 13) “Incredibly excited to be attending Sundance this year with 2 films in competition!!! SAVE YOURSELVES! & NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS Honored to have co-produced these two films alongside an amazing cast and crew who held it all together through blistering cold and tick invasions, y’all are the best. Too many to tag.” Alums Adele Romanski, Matt Clegg, Austin Smoak, Christine Campagnola, and Matthew Romanskialso worked on Never Rarely Sometimes Always, and Michael Kefeyalew worked on both films.

From Carlos David Rivera (BFA 07) “Happy to share that Kareem Tabsch and Cristina Constantini’s film “Mucho Mucho Amor” about beloved Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado will be premiering at Sundance Film Festival this coming winter! I had the pleasure of being co-editor on this film this past summer/fall.” Alum Joey Daoud (BFA 08) also worked on this film.

The film, Black Bear, that Matthew L. Weiss (BFA 97) edited, got into Sundance!

From Jamie Rice (BFA 15) “Fun news!!!! Two movies I worked on are premiering at Sundance! Congrats to “Lost Girls” and “Worth” cast/crew - we did a thing!!”

Several of our alums worked on Zola, which will also screen at Sundance: Allison Carter, Joi McMillon, Michael Kefeyalew, Bryon Leon and Kaleigh Spencer.

Barry Jenkins (BFA 03) was a screenwriter on “Charm City Kings.”

Xander Robin was one of the screenwriters on “Omniboat: A Fast Boat Fantasia.”

Samuel Curtis (BFA 13) was Associate Producer, actor and musician, Peter Davis (BFA 13) was DIT and Kat Barnette (BFA 15) was Production Manager on the film “Summertime."

All of the above films will be screening at Sundance. Am sure I’ve missed others – if you have a film screening there, let me know, please.

Nicole Low (BFA ADA 19) is working Vault 49 in NY, an advertising company doing graphic design and SG.

From George Reasner (MFA 94) here's the "original" acoustic video I shot for Blake, which came long after Blake's original music video for the "Hell Right" track with Trace Adkins.... and we shot the annoying vertical video at the same time. Confusing to say the least... https://youtu.be/6o0wiL0vUg8

From Sandra Valde (BFA 97) “ L Word: Generation Q premieres on SHOWTIME this coming, Sunday, December 8th, 10pm ET/PT  I was co-cinematographers on the show along with an amazing DP, Moira Morel.  I am so proud to be part of this show and being able to help visualize truly incredible stories about incredible women.  The cast and crew were the best and loveliest people to work with.  I shot all the odd episodes and they will air every Sunday starting this Sunday, so please check it out.  Here's a link to the trailer:  https://www.sho.com/video/69460/the-l-word-generation-q-official-trailer<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.sho.com/video/69460/the-l-word-generation-q-official-trailer__;!!PhOWcWs!mGjYnhO18YJFYd9bCJ64S2f6uv0-OxwYaRivepNdPrSBvfgSIyMcaqnSL8wRq4g$>”

Anna Margarita Albelo here (BA 1993) I'm so proud to be nominated as producer of WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY starring Molly Shannon for the JOHN CASSAVETES AWARD at the 2020 Spirit Awards!  Along with filmmaker Madeleine Olnek, and fellow producers Max Rifkind-Barron and Casper Andreas, this was an incredibly ambitious film made on the SAG ULB agreement and proof that passion can accomplish anything, even a late 19th century period piece with over 50 actors!

From Max Clarke (MFA 99). “I'm happy to report that my short stop-motion animated 3D film, NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART, is an official selection of the 16th annual Los Angeles 3-D Movie Festival, which will take place on Saturday, Dec. 14, and Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019, at the Downtown Independent Theater in L.A.  The film is an exploration of the psychological landscape of authoritarianism.  I'm not sure which day it will be screening, but I'll be in town for the weekend, and am planning to attend both days.  More info on the festival, including how to buy tickets, is here: https://la3dspace.wixsite.com/16thla3dfest<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/la3dspace.wixsite.com/16thla3dfest__;!!PhOWcWs!j8p6vdO5gy-v4ieyaqNPMY5cvW5ycYxvQBe9XbDfoM4P9iRKAACNEbq2D7KhIhc$> “

From Erin Szwejkowski Morgan (BFA 09) “Wanted to let you know, I have a comedy short screening this week at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival called "3 Seconds of Liam Neeson." I directed, produced and edited and Brandon Ransbottom (also BFA 09) was DP.  http://tbuff.org/selections2019/3-seconds-of-liam-neeson.html

From Kaleigh Spencer (MFA 18) “Lots of fun updates from projects I worked on - Zola, Queen & Slim, and Cherish the Day:

-A24 just shared the news that Zola is an Official Selection at Sundance 2020! I was staffed on that feature as the 1st Team Set PA, where we actually filmed next door, in the Tampa area. There were a few FSU Alums who worked on the film, including Joi McMillon and Allison Rose Carter, amongst others! The entire crew worked insanely hard on this project, and it was an honor to be a part of the film. What an amazing feeling to know it will be premiering at Sundance! Congratulations to all of my fellow FSU Alums who were involved!!!  -You can catch my name in the credits of Queen & Slim, out in theaters now! I worked on the reshoots/pick-ups as a Set PA, and I am super thrilled they were generous enough to give me an official credit! It was an amazing experience to be a part of such a beautiful film. -A show I worked on from August through October, called Cherish the Day, was recently featured in a Deadline article for achieving full gender parity, with a crew of over 50% women. I was staffed in that crew as the Background Set PA. The show was created by and executive produced by Ava DuVernay, with Oprah Winfrey as an EP as well. You can catch my face in the group photo in the article (it's small, but I'm there - towards the middle about four rows back!), as well as on Ava DuVernay's Instagram, where she first shared the Deadline article and our photo! I was lucky enough to share three months of my life with a truly wonderful cast & crew, including the legendary Cecily Tyson (still can't believe that one!). It was an absolute honor and an incredible experience to be a part of such a trailblazing show, and it was inspiring to work alongside so many talented and exceptional women. Here is the article: https://deadline.com/2019/11/ava-duvernays-own-anthology-cherish-the-day-gender-parity-inclusion-diversity-representation-1202777072/<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/deadline.com/2019/11/ava-duvernays-own-anthology-cherish-the-day-gender-parity-inclusion-diversity-representation-1202777072/__;!!PhOWcWs!i1Lt8yHtNtbfFcMgUMECVGKFlyaB8TWSAJxxsNBV48l9CrV3yi17xRfLlSUYcp0$> "

From John Sackman (MFA 08) “I am currently a Multimedia Producer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. We do live launch broadcasts, web videos and content for NASA TV. Our team also recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Interactive Program for our Space-X Demo-1 launch broadcast.”

Congratulations to Jennifer Ligler (BFA 12) who is now Production Manager at the Simpsons!

From Matthew Robinson (MFA 17). “My fellow FSU alums and I are headed to North Carolina in December to shoot my first feature film as director! A lot of hard work's gone into this, and we're excited to finally start production. Many thanks to all who've helped along the way, especially my fellow Class of 2017 collaborators, Nikki Lee, Layne Inselman, and Carolina Garrigo (all MFA 17). If you want to see our progress, follow along on Instagram: @shallowwaterfilm.

Terry Beck (BFA 18): Back in October, a couple of us FSU alumni got together and filmed a short film in Big Bear Lake, CA! Directed by Katherine Oostman (MFA 17), this proof of concept horror film was almost entirely put together by members of the FSU Mafia, including Layne Inselman (MFA 17) as Cinematographer, David Kroonen (BFA 19) as 1st AD, Scott Marino (BFA 19) as Gaffer, Nick Markart (BFA 19) as grip, Joey Newfield (Theatre BFA 15) as Sound Mixer, and myself as Producer. It also starred FSU alumni, Devin Feheley (Theatre BA 17) and Jeremy Neal (Pre Med BFA 17). As the film finishes being edited and moves on to the sound and score stages of post-production, we’re super excited to see everyone’s hard work come together!

From Oualid Mouaness (MFA 97). “5 NEW SCREENINGS HAVE BEEN ADDED for my film 1982.
Thursday December 5th through Monday December 9th in the LA Area
TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood -
Thursday Dec. 5. @ 12:30pm
Friday Dec. 6. @ 12pm
Saturday Dec. 7. @ 12pm
Sunday Dec. @ 12pm
Monday Dec. 9 @12:10pm

From Chris Grabowski:  “I'm writing to you from Vassar College, where we have opened a tenure-track position in playwriting. Please pass this along to anyone in your alumni network who might be interested. Link to full description: employment.vassar.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=52909 <https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/employment.vassar.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=52909__;!!PhOWcWs!iz-qz6F1wYPTAB71E4S6sGlTYkCo-lw6OwBIfoJRcKoMric_VQdqQHJzixqQFMY$> \

Paul Cohen has announced the opportunity for students to join him in the social media marketing of newly released independent motion pictures in the Spring Semester of 2020. The Torchlight Cinematheque is interested in College of Motion Picture Arts Students who will have time to participate in this Spring 2020 Internship Opportunity with The Red Hills Motion Picture Releasing Company. For any interested students, please contact pcasstrhr at gmail.com<mailto:pcasstrhr at gmail.com> for more detailed information. The internship requires a minimum of 3 sessions per week, each lasting 3 hours (12-3PM or 3-6PM).

“I work for Grandmas Project, a collaborative web-series inviting young filmmakers around the world to film their own grandmother teaching them a signature recipe. We are launching a second season, and looking for new filmmakers! From 2015 to 2019 we produced 12 films (grandmasproject.org), all available for free on our website. We received UNESCO’s patronage in 2016 as well as a wide and enthusiastic media coverage and our website counts 400 000 visits from 50+ countries.Thanks to our crowdfunding campaign, we have collected enough funds to produce at least 5 new films, and pay 1 500€ (approx 1 600$) each of our new filmmakers. We have launched a call for filmmakers, opened until January 5th, 2020. We are hoping to receive applications from as many countries as possible. FYI the grandmas of our season 1 came from Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, France, India, Morocco, Poland, Serbia and the USA. The jury for this season 2 jury is composed by Camille Labro (journalist at Le Monde, France), Kamal Mouzawak (food activist, Lebanon), Elise Mc Cave (head of films at Kickstarter, USA) and Lixin Fan (two-times-Emmy-Award-winner, China). Here is the link to the application form: https://grandmasproject.typeform.com/to/UOvzz2

From Andy Rogers (MFA Writing 18) “My lease is coming to its end in mid-February, and, I am in desperate need of a new living situation. Considering all the great film school people that come out to LA in troves, is it possible you could spread the word that I'm available if anyone needs a roommate around? I think I'm a good person to live with, I'm clean, quiet, and not intrusive. Would prefer to live somewhere in the valley, like North Hollywood, Glendale, Burbank, or Sherman Oaks. But of course, I'm up for being convinced! If anyone seems interested, they can contact me and hopefully we can meet up beforehand and see if we're a good match.
Contact info is:
(850) 544-9363
arog9412 at gmail.com<mailto:arog9412 at gmail.com>

From Rachel Shirley (BFA 15) “The advertising agency I work for is looking for an assistant editor early next year to help me out! I’ll be training whoever gets the job. Here’s the posting:  Seeking an experienced Assistant Editor for busy, high-volume broadcast commercial post house based in Huntington Beach, CA. Duties include logging, media management, legals, prep, mastering, trafficking. Responsible for tracking all in-house elements and archiving finished jobs. Media creation and compression of digital files for different deliverable specs. Must be highly proficient in editorial and graphics platforms including Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. Must be flexible, low-key, organized, hard-working and available for nights and weekend work as needed. Please send cover letter and resume to Colby Eaton at ceaton at lunaunited.com<mailto:ceaton at lunaunited.com>

Sesame Workshop is now taking applications for its 4th Annual Writers’ Room<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/sesamewritersroom.org/__;!!PhOWcWs!lF68hH76ep18ssS2ySY1nvlRBVybIS6CIOc7KYuTdnQHbsOpcX84l58oGH3an42MzBE$>, a fellowship program for underrepresented writers in children’s media. Since 2017, our writing fellows have gone on to write for Sesame Street and various programs at Nickelodeon, Netflix, Disney, DreamWorks, and more! Find out more here<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/sesamewritersroom.org/__;!!PhOWcWs!lF68hH76ep18ssS2ySY1nvlRBVybIS6CIOc7KYuTdnQHbsOpcX84l58oGH3an42MzBE$>, and please spread the word—we’re taking applications until January 10, 2020!

Attention female directors:
The Creative Mind Group has partnered with Oscar Winning Producers Christine Vachon (Dark Waters, Carol, Still Alice, Boy's Don't Cry), Cassian Elwes (Mudbound, The Dallas Buyers Club, Lee Daniels The Butler) and Lynette Howell (A Star Is Born, The Accountant, Captain Fantastic) to create The Horizon Award an annual competition which seeks to balance the Hollywood scales by giving emerging female directors the opportunity to have their work viewed by some of Hollywood’s most influential directors & producers and providing mentorship for two emerging female directors who win an ALL expense paid trip to the Sundance Film Festival.Click HERE to check out 2019 Horizon Award Winners Zenzele Ojore & Caroline Friend's Horizon experience early this year which all culminated with an amazing awards night where they each received $5,000 and screened their Horizon Award winning short films at the Sundance Film Festival!The 2020 Horizon Award will be presented to two outstanding young female directing talents and will provide them with an all expense paid trip to Sundance where their films will be screened and they will attend workshops, parties, screenings, networking events in addition to receiving mentorship from producers Christine Vachon (Dark Waters, Carol, Still Alice, Boy's Don't Cry), Cassian Elwes (Mudbound, The Dallas Buyers Club, Lee Daniels The Butler) and Lynette Howell (A Star Is Born, The Accountant, Captain Fantastic).To apply, interested candidates must submit a 2-minute film they directed showcasing their visual storytelling & creativity.Examples of acceptable submissions include but are not limited to:
- Original creations of ANY genre
- Previously created films submitted to other contests/festivals
- Films created for class assignments/school projects
- Trailers (of films that are longer then 2mins)
- Docs
- Reels
- Music VideosPLEASE CLICK HERE (https://thecreativemindgroup.com/horizon-award/?utm_source=getresponse&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=general7280&utm_content=Sundance+2020+Opp+for+Female+Directors) TO APPLY
Deadline • Monday December 9, 2019

Brenda’s Screenings & Awards Update – December 5, 2019

Phoebe (BFA Thesis 2019 Kyra Gardner) will win First Place in the Women’s Category in the East Region of the Director’s Guild of America Student Film Awards on December 10th in New York City. For more information about this competition, go to http://www.dga.org/Awards/Students.aspx.

Becoming Wonder Woman (BFA Documentary 2019 Chase Davis) was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase in Orlando, November 16-17. For more information about this showcase, go to www.enzian.org<http://www.enzian.org>.

Stage Fright (BFA F3 2019 Geena Hernandez), Dummy Love (BFA F3 2019 Evan Barber) and Wetman (BFA F3 2019 Cameron Greco) were nominated for Best Student Film at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (TBUFF) in Tampa, December 5-8. For more information about this festival, go to http://tbuff.org.

Stage Fright (BFA F3 2019 Geena Hernandez) is a Semi-Finalist, and Shaken (BFA F3 2019 Chayse Banks) is a Finalist and will be screening at the Women in Horror Film Festival in Atlanta, February 27-29. For more information about this festival, go to www.wihff.com<http://www.wihff.com>.

Blackface (MFA D2 2016 Malcolm Baity), The Voice from the Page (MFA Thesis 2016 Andrea Branch), Stutter (MFA Thesis 2016 Ivo Huahua), Rehearsal (MFA D2 2015 Jen Silver), Exposure (MFA Thesis 2016 Mary Jeanes), Rundown (MFA Thesis 2006 Patrick Alexander), A Love Supreme (BFA Thesis 2010Evan Houston), Underground (MFA Thesis 2010 Akil DuPont), Waking Eloise (MFA Thesis 2010 Bobby Marinelli), Hedge Hero (BFA Thesis 2016 Lauren Hammond), Nuggets (BFA Thesis 2016 Jamie Cernich) and Knock Knock (MFA Thesis 2018 Kennikki Jones) were invited to screen at the Grenada Film Festival in Grand Anse, Grenada on December 15th. For more information about this festival, go to www.facebook.com/filmgrenadawi/<http://www.facebook.com/filmgrenadawi/>.

Dummy Love (BFA F3 2019 Evan Barber) was selected for screening and is nominated for an award at the Dunedin International Film Festival in Dunedin, Florida, January 8-14. For more information about this festival, go to https://www.dunedininternationalfilmfestival.com/.

Viola (MFA Thesis 2019 Ellen Marmol DR/Alex McFry WR/PR) was selected for screening at the Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival, which runs concurrently with the Sarasota Film Festival, March 6-8. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.throughwomenseyes.com.

Woman of Steel (BFA Documentary 2018 Chris Violette) was selected for screening at the International Film Festival on Disability in Lyon, France, February 7-12. For more information about this festival, go to http://festival-international-du-film-sur-le-handicap.fr/index.html.

Upcoming Screenings and Awards (in chronological order):

Off the Leash (MFA Thesis 2015 Brittany Gutheim), Dummy Love (BFA F3 2019 Evan Barber), Wetman (BFA F3 2019 Cameron Greco), Stage Fright (BFA F3 2019 Geena Hernandez) and Quite Like You (BFA F3 2019 Carrie Caruson), A Mind Apart (BFA F1 2018 Sean Menendez), New Orleans Voodoo (BFA Documentary 2019 Zach Bright/Sean Menendez), Shaken (BFA F3 2019 Chayse Banks), Deer in the Limelight (BFA F3 2019 Zach Freeman), Giddy (MFA D2 2018 Jameel Karim) and Petunia (MFA Thesis 2018 James Leming) were selected for screening at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (TBUFF) in Tampa, December 5-8. For more information about this festival, go to http://tbuff.org.

Lizard King (MFA D2 2019 Meredith Mansfield) was selected for screening at the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival on December 8. For more information about this festival, go to http://ninefilmfestivals.com/atlantacomedyfilmfestival/.

Heads Up (MFA D2 2018 Alex McFry) was invited to screen at the Bogota Short Film Festival in Colombia, December 3-10. For more information about this festival, go to www.bogoshorts.com<http://www.bogoshorts.com>.

Deep Space (MFA D2 2019 Ashley James) and Furtherance (MFA Thesis 2019 Chavez Caley) were selected for screening at the Black Film Festival of New Orleans, December 11-15. For more information about this festival, go to https://pbesoul.com/.

A Familiar Stranger (MFA Thesis 2018 Yining Xu DR/Jonas Schubach DP) was selected for screening at the Asian Cinematography Awards Film Festival, February 21-23 in Manila, the Phillippines. For more information about this festival, go to http://asia.cawards.org.

Furtherance (MFA Thesis 2019 Chavez Caley) was selected for screening at the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival in Oakland, February 22-23. For more information about this festival, go to http://baicff.com.

Grown Boy (BFA Thesis 2019 Tyler Knutt) was selected for screening in the Kids First! consortium of festivals, December 27 – May 1. For more information about this festival consortium, go towww.kidsfirst.org<http://www.kidsfirst.org>.

My Wife is a Chicken (MFA Thesis 2018 Jingjue Li) was selected for screening at the LGBT Los Angeles Film Festival on June 11, 2020. For more information about this festival, go tolafestival at lgbttorontofilmfestival.com<mailto:lafestival at lgbttorontofilmfestival.com>.

Sex Toy (MFA D2 2019 Kyle Sahedeo) was selected for screening at Austin Revolution, next September 9-12. For more information about this festival, go to https://austinrevolution.com.

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