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Looking forward to seeing lots of alums at our two NY events – the screening on Tuesday, May 8 – see above.  No charge but please rsvp to sreisinger at fsu.edu<mailto:sreisinger at fsu.edu>.  Reb Braddock, Andrew Syder, Lisa Tripp, Brenda Mills, Sabrina Reisinger and I will be at both events, as well as meeting with alums at other times during the week.   On Monday, May 7, the Film School group will be at McMahon’s Public House (following our meeting with the Dean’s Alumni Council) around 9:30 PM.   Come join us for dutch-treat drinks and time to catch up!  McMahon’s is a block from the Barclay Center,  http://mcmahonspublichouse.com/.

And our Film Forum on Sunday, May 6 in Brooklyn, see below.  No charge but you must sign up to attend:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/forum-making-a-first-feature-tickets-45180098892

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Congratulations to Valerie Scoon, Producing faculty member at the Film School, who has been awarded a Research Support Grant of $3,000 by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University for her project, "229 Arch Street: Women Physicians and Women's Rights”.

“10 Best Colleges for the Experienced Cinephile.  Prepare to walk the red carpet at these 10 schools with nearby movie theaters, passionate film clubs, famous movie sets, prominent film festivals and award-winning alumni. Without further ado… Enjoy the feature presentation of the top 10 colleges for the experienced cinephile”  https://www.collegemagazine.com/10-top-colleges-for-cinephiles/
From Carissa Dorson (BFA  11) The comedy feature that I shot last year, "It's a Party," is coming to LA on May 9th! It was my first feature film as director of photography, and I was lucky to have a lot of my FSU crew supporting me, including steadicam operator Will Sampson (BFA 09), 1AC Nicola Newton (BFA 15), 2AC Dana Fytelson (MFA 14), and Gaffer Aaron Pagniano (BFA 12). Tickets to the L.A. screening are available here:  http://festival.vconline.org/2018/films/its-a-party/<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__festival.vconline.org_2018_films_its-2Da-2Dparty_&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=0cFFs_KlceqJb_835fE2mS-kQwMrNj-Cimn3BTPzS7g&s=1s9qW1da0eWI_zPwXTdQMddF32lw7rw6MEKXTv0rsuc&e=>
It also got a nice write-up in The Hollywood Reporter: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/a-party-film-1099167<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.hollywoodreporter.com_review_a-2Dparty-2Dfilm-2D1099167&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=0cFFs_KlceqJb_835fE2mS-kQwMrNj-Cimn3BTPzS7g&s=kAQz8Cd8bnTkuoZ43APjHeZvvmyM-CZdLwcTWaBdSos&e=>

From Jason Mauer, Film School Digital Animation faculty, “I wanted to share with you all a P.S.A. I just finished for the florida based organization Lauren's Kids ( https://laurenskids.org<https://laurenskids.org/> ). Two of our BFA3 animation students - Kaia Irish and Caro Beguiristain worked on it with me.  Caro worked with me on story dev and did all the storyboards. Kaia was responsible for working with me on color and painting the backgrounds and the character pieces. They did a remarkable job and were a joy to work with. The spot is planning on airing in April, nationally, in conjunction with National Child abuse prevention month. The link is password protected with LaurensKids  https://vimeo.com/259318864

From Billy Hanson (BFA 05)  “All episodes of Lightning Dogs, a short series that I directed and produced, were just released on Funny or Die, and the show has been holding at #1 on the FoD leader board for over a week now, so we're hoping to keep up the views and "Funny" votes to keep us there for a long time. The series was produced through my company, Dirigo Entertainment, and distributed by Toronto-based media company, iThentic. It stars the show's two creators, Brett Elam and Joshua Logan, along with Khara Campbell, David Chattam, A. Monnie Aleahmad, and Erica Jenkins. You can find all episodes streaming here: funnyordie.com/lightningdogs<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__funnyordie.com_lightningdogs&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=q9uTLfBmzwboeZxiw2VGlY8GrtbiyplmMzxLaknLovY&m=HowezXPaeazRpRI8xdngR_BpkuFi_eUQTBjmDPStSu8&s=fmO1wnAoa_4mIGXVpRhkYnQIWt0Is_7-3nbHcWXq3Ag&e=>”

From Anthony Cabrera (BFA ADA15)  “That moment you are in a theatre while people gasp, cheer, clap, get choked up, and feel all the feels, watching a movie that you put so much into! So happy that I got to work on Marvel’s Monumental Baby (Avengers) , alongside some incredible peeps! 10 YEARS/18 MOVIES; ALL leading to this! Catch Avengers: Infinity War and my name in theatres now!”

From Donna Wheeler (MFA 91)  “Rust Creek<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_rustcreek_-3Ffref-3Dmentions&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=W1g3WZf65oUcgv1PKfzmw_nz5S1Yd0B-osATAq_-1cY&s=ZaxWKobOouuvhcIMMP0mh0gq8GWaby-fYd0_mgO7jPU&e=> is showing at Bentonville Film Festival<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_events_857243247795767_-3Facontext-3D-257B-2522source-2522-253A3-252C-2522source-5Fnewsfeed-5Fstory-5Ftype-2522-253A-2522regular-2522-252C-2522action-5Fhistory-2522-253A-2522-255B-257B-255C-2522surface-255C-2522-253A-255C-2522newsfeed-255C-2522-252C-255C-2522mechanism-255C-2522-253A-255C-2522feed-5Fstory-255C-2522-252C-255C-2522extra-5Fdata-255C-2522-253A-255B-255D-257D-255D-2522-252C-2522has-5Fsource-2522-253Atrue-257D-26source-3D3-26source-5Fnewsfeed-5Fstory-5Ftype-3Dregular-26action-5Fhistory-3D-255B-257B-2522surface-2522-253A-2522newsfeed-2522-252C-2522mechanism-2522-253A-2522feed-5Fstory-2522-252C-2522extra-5Fdata-2522-253A-255B-255D-257D-255D-26has-5Fsource-3D1-26fref-3Dmentions&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=W1g3WZf65oUcgv1PKfzmw_nz5S1Yd0B-osATAq_-1cY&s=TktNqqV1gPqneI5FHLoBLn3IjhL4cLSjMTOFr7aHrA0&e=> - Get tickets if you're in the area and see #RustCreek<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_hashtag_rustcreek-3Fsource-3Dfeed-5Ftext&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=W1g3WZf65oUcgv1PKfzmw_nz5S1Yd0B-osATAq_-1cY&s=_-U_so_yFBUv1qlwn46vVbB119buY0EWzaWgIETjN0E&e=> - the indie feature I'm honored to be part of all last year, together with amazing & inspiring director Jen McGowan<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_iamjenmcg-3Ffref-3Dmentions&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=W1g3WZf65oUcgv1PKfzmw_nz5S1Yd0B-osATAq_-1cY&s=-5FcRNMYvyaohOjU0gcjWIBxE2c8a91tBe8Yt1hFbVw&e=> & producer Stu Pollard<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_stu.pollard-3Ffref-3Dmentions&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=W1g3WZf65oUcgv1PKfzmw_nz5S1Yd0B-osATAq_-1cY&s=z4gD-9lILZrhD0EW41b-f3N8bvTs-ecIpI568EIDO1Q&e=>  I was the Shadow Director (it's a program for women directors) under Jen who is a friend of mine here in LA.  I was on location with them in Kentucky shooting, and then spent rest of 2017 in post production with Jen and the producer, editor, post prod teams finishing the film to exhibition. A 360 directing experience.”

From Michael Felker (BFA 10)  “A bunch of you may already know this by now, but last year Jori Richman<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_richmanj-3Ffref-3Dmentions&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=GtUA0ThzO4GKTlV2wTeNx9wQUnEuTb4WkXWsBDUGjww&s=f9yzg-MLjxcOeRdBp7BAyn7jcw1hffjdwS9xEM1zGmg&e=> and I started our own little production company called LAST LIFE! We've been hard at work since then making projects that are inspired by our passion for video games. We don't have much to announce yet today, but we do finally have a website and facebook page to show off in the meantime! Check out the sick animated logo created by the ever-awesome Aaron Moorhead<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_aaron.moorhead-3Ffref-3Dmentions&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=GtUA0ThzO4GKTlV2wTeNx9wQUnEuTb4WkXWsBDUGjww&s=uSVwhPR3BPetGx6J7kU1USz7zEjtXQFfL-kOXGEOHAc&e=>, and check out Jori and I's dopey pixel animated bio pictures created by me with a lot of free time. We're super proud of this, we hope you like what we have so far and we really can't wait to show you what we've been cooking up in the near future.
Website: https://www.lastlifefilms.com/<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__l.facebook.com_l.php-3Fu-3Dhttps-253A-252F-252Fwww.lastlifefilms.com-252F-26h-3DATNcqd3gKHGcx47zzMkyZRKbv4hswL7UGUbeA5XRsAG-5FwTh2YH1F6VI6mpjgMXBqaOaO7At8a6fX3zoonEqyG3rZyHRAv6-5FQywYoAJwpb7YKbWysoGuWQBViiXWrCAwzoyggsg&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=GtUA0ThzO4GKTlV2wTeNx9wQUnEuTb4WkXWsBDUGjww&s=DDCmXg5H9beOw1pqniLVRnWwHXANYyIqCXp7BGxDlho&e=>
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LastLifeProds/<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.facebook.com_LastLifeProds_&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=GtUA0ThzO4GKTlV2wTeNx9wQUnEuTb4WkXWsBDUGjww&s=cXLArgQvzr820Y1-v_gAZ4GVzG1GPos6_x503QDGRzs&e=>”

From Jonas Schubach (MFA 2)  ““Dirty Money” (made at the University of Memphis) got into Sunset Film Festival Los Angeles. The screening will be June 9th in Santa Monica.”

In the Spring 2018 issue of the VFXV magazine, there’s an article that includes an interview with Wes Ball (BFA 02):  http://vfxvoice.com/effects-pros-pivot-from-vfx-to-directing/

Stella Artois is proud to expand their support of female filmmakers with the announcement of $100,000 in new grant money for the Women In Film Finishing Fund. Stella Artois will provide four $25,000 grants for fiction and documentary films that inspire social change, with particular consideration given to films with a water theme.  Go here for full information:  https://screeningroom.org/festivals/public/women-in-film-finishing-fund-2018

From Jillian Stein (BFA  00)  “SHORT TERM ROOM AVAIL: Room available starting June 1 (Possibly sooner) for 3 to 6 months. Two bedroom/one bathroom apartment conveniently located in Toluca Lake/NoHo.  Near Universal Studios, Warner Bros and freeways.  Lots within walking distance and the NoHo Metro station is 1 mile away.Looking for one person (preferable female) No animals, smoking or crazy nights. Apartment is a peaceful place to unwind. Rent: $840/month includes room, utilities,and a parking space.  (Bedroom furnishing can be provided at $900/month rent).  Perfect for someone coming out to LA for the first time. For more information please email: jillian_stein[at]yahoo.com

Bento Box is looking for an experienced Live-Action Associate Producer. Position to be filled immediately. Location: Atlanta, GA (Pinewood Studios)
Associate Producer Responsibilities:
Aid the Producer in maintaining the schedule and delivery for production      and post production
Serve as the main point of coordination and contact between the day-to-day production team and the project's executive staff.
Maintain labor resources and contacts for the production
Work with the Production Coordinator to facilitate the day-to-day production needs (i.e. script and schedule distro, crafty ordering, department purchasing approvals/coordination, file organization, etc.)
Maintain  thorough records of all purchases made so as to aid the Executive in Charge with the budget
Be willing to help out wherever and whenever it is necessary (i.e re-stock crafty, help move set pieces, etc)
2-4         years live-action production experience, ideally in an AP or high level coordinating role. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Excellent organizational and project management skills.
A demonstrated ability to work without supervision in a high pressure environment. Must be able to adapt to changes easily within a highly dynamic environment.  Strong attention to detail is critical. Knowledge of Google Docs, Final Draft, Microsoft Office
Previous supervisory and leadership experience
Please submit resumes to randall.sheffield at bentoatl.com<mailto:careers at bentoboxent.com>,  referencing ATL Associate Producer  in the subject line.

Changing the Face of the Industry – Part I On Saturday, April 21, the American Society of Cinematographers and the ASC Vision Committee hosted a groundbreaking event titled “Changing the Face of the Industry.” Sponsored by Netflix, the daylong gathering highlighted the Vision Committee’s mission to “encourage and support the advancement of underrepresented cinematographers, their crews and other filmmakers, and to inspire us all to enact positive changes through hiring talent that reflects society at large.” Read more about the event here<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__COM.us2.list-2Dmanage.com_track_click-3Fu-3D480fdd20fed67a1a78287fbf4-26id-3D92cc5755aa-26e-3D0598a9cd1f&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=q9uTLfBmzwboeZxiw2VGlY8GrtbiyplmMzxLaknLovY&m=AXP5gRnaMD9HjkIJKR0Ac2uxIWhSXMAGp_BhSVfSvdI&s=L4XceQxedijwU2BFN9eTNxcbx9b1aCVaIYsiU59-22M&e=>.

“Los Angeles, April 27 – Applications open on May 1 for recent college graduates to apply for the American Cinema Editors (ACE) Fall internship program for aspiring film editors.  The program is designed to offer motivated individuals interested in editing a unique opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals.  Applications close on June 30.  No late applications will be accepted.  All applicants are reviewed by the selection committee and ten finalists are invited to interview with the committee.  Two applicants will ultimately be chosen to participate in the Fall Internship program which helps recent graduates with a passion to work in post production get a foot in the door, observing accomplished assistant editors and editors working in film and television as well as participating in ACE events.  The Fall program kicks off with a lecture series in October that all applicants are invited to attend to hear editors and assistant editors speak on a number of topics relative to breaking into the field and real world knowledge of the art and business of film editing.  For additional information on the program visit http://americancinemaeditors.org<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__americancinemaeditors.org&d=DwMFaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=XK14IrgIaB-M4DhdHvEVmw&m=3B17zvaLfZjnbRMRlGCAUpP4roqqB8IuTBiCaQFZlYA&s=ZdAEdb-PGjqFFVKEPt7aoy2Bu2HX1rP2bPeImlA8j1I&e=>.”  NOTE:  These are FANTASTIC internships; I encourage all editors to apply.

FSU CMPA Screenings & Awards Update – May 3, 2018

Everyone Loves a Panda (MFA D2 2017 Brandon Shenk) was a finalist in the Fiction category, Tate’s (BFA Documentary 2017 Nicole Low) was a finalist in the Documentary category and Still November (BFA F3 2017 Reid Lauff) was a finalist in the Cinematography, Art Direction and Sound Design categories at the Flamingo Film Festival in Davie, Florida on April 28. Still November won in the Art Direction category. For more information about this festival, go to flamingofilmfest.com.

The Art of Foley (MFA D2 2017 Sara Karimipour) was selected for screening at the Gold Reel Student Film Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 28. For more information about this festival, go to https://www.facebook.com/filmclubuncc/.

Everyone Loves a Panda (MFA D2 2017 Brandon Shenk) was selected for screening at the Terminus Film Festival in Atlanta, June 15-16. For more information about this festival, go to http://terminusevent.com<http://terminusevent.com/>.

Upcoming Screenings and Awards (in chronological order):

The Bellerose Resort (BFA Thesis 2017 Grace Marerro) and Baphomet High (MFA D2 2017 Rebecca Raymond) were invited to screen in the Etheria Film Night 2018 World Tour. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.etheriafilmnight.com/.

The Funk Doctor (MFA D2 2017 Demetrius Martin) was selected for screening at the CannaBus Culture Film Fest, a touring festival that begins on April 20 in Burlington, Vermont. For more information about this festival, go to http://cannabusculturefilmfest.com/.

Murky Water (MFA Thesis 2016 Carl Rogers) was selected for screening at the Longleaf Film Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, May 11-12. For more information about this festival, go to http://www.longleaffilmfestival.com/.

The Dollhouse (BFA Documentary 2017 Kyra Gardner) was selected for screening at the NYC Short Documentary Film Festival on May 25. For more information about this festival, go to www.nycsdff.com.

Heyln Springs (MFA Thesis 2014 Noah Camenker) was selected for screening at the Saints and Sinners Film Festival, which runs as part of Megacon in Orlando, May 24-27. For more information about this convention, go to http://www.saintsandsinnersfilmfestival.com/.

The Dollhouse (BFA Documentary 2017 Kyra Gardner) was selected for screening at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest in Charleston, South Carolina, May 25-27. For more information about this festival, go to www.crimsonscreenfilmfest.com<http://www.crimsonscreenfilmfest.com/>.

Wilting (BFA Documentary 2017 Jessica Kirby) was selected for screening at the Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival in Florida, May 31 – June 2. For more information about this festival, go to https://www.caribefilmfestival.com/.

Death at Dinner (MFA Thesis 2017 Bethany Miller), Morning Light Seems the Brightest (BFA F3 2016 Melina Valdez) and Underground Tantrum (BFA Documentary 2017 Christy Trabada) were selected for screening at the Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival, June 7-10. For more information about this festival, go to http://vbwff.com/.

Interrogation (MFA Thesis 2016 YueCheng Liu) was selected for screening and The Great Wall of Vicky Lynn (MFA Thesis 2017 Yu Ying Chien) and Ms. Omniscience (MFA D2 2017 Xiao Ma) are semi-finalists at the International New York Film Festival in New York City, June 15-16. For more information about this festival go to www.inyfilmfest.com.

Death at Dinner (MFA Thesis 2017 Bethany Miller) is an Official Selection at the Cosmic Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, June 15-17. For more information about this festival, go to www.cosmicfilmfest.com<http://www.cosmicfilmfest.com/>.

If (BFA F3 2017 Gabriel Valbuena) was selected for screening at the Gen Con Indy Film Festival in Indianapolis, August 2-5. For more information about this festival, go to www.gencon.com.

Ms. Omniscience (MFA D2 2017 Xiao Ma) is an official selection and a Semi-Finalist in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. Winners will screen In LA on August 25, 2018. For more information about this competition, go to http://www.laiffawards.com<http://www.laiffawards.com/>.

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