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Valliere Richard vrichard at fsu.edu
Sat Sep 9 04:38:04 EDT 2017

Hello ALL!
Am following this storm from Krasnoyarsk, Russia!
Everyone please stay safe!
Thinking of you all and sending prayers and wishes of safety to you ALL.

(AKA Dr. Vall)

On Sep 8, 2017, at 3:07 PM, Ronald Braddock wrote:

Dear all,

As we prepare for the coming hurricane please be sure that you take all precautions possible to protect yourselves and loved ones.

Andrew and Tony are doing excellent work is preparing everyone and keeping you informed. They've got your back, so please watch the general slack channel for their updates.

Do not worry about film school schedules or productions. We will adapt as we always do.

If you want or need to leave town for any reason please do.

I say this in case you think you need to be here standing-by so you can immeadietly be ready to return to classes and productions if the university reopens.

Or if you think you need to be in school for homework, weekend assignments, or pre-pro work.

You do not.

This is one time when the professional call is NOT to be standing by for film school events, but to be standing up for your safety.

If you are out of town when we reopen, we will accommodate your travel time back to school and take all issues on a case by case basis.

Once this is over we will rebuild our semester plans and work to get everyone back on track.

Be safe and take care,


Reb Braddock
Filmmaker in Residence
College of Motion Picture Arts

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