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Andrew Syder asyder at admin.fsu.edu
Thu Sep 7 15:03:56 EDT 2017

Dear students,

I’m sure everybody is concerned about the potential impact of Hurricane Irma. We are actively monitoring how it’s developing, and here is the latest alert update from the university:

Hurricane Irma Updated 12 noon Thurs. Sept. 7, 2017

Florida State University continues to actively monitor the progress of Hurricane Irma. Be advised that university administrators will take appropriate action should conditions warrant. Current forecast models show dry air continuing through Saturday in the Big Bend area, according to the National Weather Service.

At this time, the Florida State University main campus will be fully operational and open for business as usual on Friday. Classes will meet as scheduled.

Based on current forecast models, FSU does not expect to see a significant impact from Hurricane Irma on the main campus in Tallahassee. While we can expect rain and moderate wind conditions, we do not anticipate receiving significant, if any, structural damage in the Tallahassee area.

Therefore, for individuals currently in the Tallahassee area, travel outside of the Tallahassee area is not recommended and is strongly discouraged for a variety of safety reasons, including heavy traffic on roadways and the uncertain availability of gas.

Please be advised the university has a very robust emergency management plan and response. University administrators and staff have been working for an extended period to make sure all campuses are prepared. FSU is doing everything in its power to provide the necessary resources for its students. University officials will continue to monitor the storm throughout the weekend and expect to make a decision on or before Sunday afternoon regarding the university’s operational status and class schedule for Monday. Continue to monitor alerts.fsu.edu and the SeminoleSAFE app for official announcements and emergency information and instructions. (Posted 12 noon Thurs. Sept. 7, 2017)

The Film School will remain open for business as usual on Friday, with classes scheduled as normal.

I know that some of you would, however, like to take preemptive action and leave town ahead of the storm, in case Tallahassee is impacted significantly. If this is the case for you, you have permission to leave. Any missed classes will be “excused absences” and you will be responsible for making up all work. Please inform both me and your instructors if you do plan to miss any classes.

For students working on the first few BFA Thesis shows: Tony and I will work with the producers/directors of the shows to help strategize dealing with Irma. If the production obstacles get too large to be able to shoot as planned, we will work together to find a suitable solution. If you have any crew members on those shows who are planning to leave town due to the hurricane, please inform both me and Tony so that we can help find a suitable solution. This is something where we’ll all need to pull together as a team ... but we’ll get through it and have some terrific films to show for it as well!!

I’ll be in communication again as the situation with Irma evolves and we have a better picture of what we’ll be facing at the start of next week.



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