[Film-bfad2] [Film-bfad] [Film-Students] Reminder: Screening at SLC today 2:30PM

Syder, Andrew asyder at admin.fsu.edu
Fri Mar 24 12:05:29 EDT 2017

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

This is a reminder that today’s screening will start at 2:30PM today at the SLC.

As the Studio has not shown this film at festivals, and as it begins its national release in April, it is sending security and a publicist to our film school screening and public screening. Please be advised that all smart phones, phones, cameras, laptops, electronics should be out of kept out of sight while in the theater (no photos, no texting etc.).

The studio also does not want social media outreach.

In addition, please do not mention the title of the film to others until after the community screening (tomorrow at 3PM), so that it remains a secret until then.

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