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Hi everyone,

Students, for those of you who haven’t yet attended a screening like this, you will need to sign in at the front of the SLC.  I will be there with sign-in sheets and you’ll need to be there in enough time to sign in before the screening begins.  All students must sign in, so give yourself plenty of time to sign in and get a good seat. Once the lights go down, the sheets go away and you will be marked absent.  Please be sure to be on time!

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Subject: Upcoming Special Events - March 24th & March 31st

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Mark your calendars. The next two Fridays, we are holding special screenings over at the Student Life Cinema. Both events promise to be quite special; the details are below. Attendance is required for all students, unless otherwise noted.

Friday March 24th, 2:30PM–5:30PM
“A Movie You Haven’t Seen”

Every year, Paul Cohen arranges for one of the top films from Sundance to screen as part of the Tallahassee Opening Nights season. This is a special presentation of this year’s film, exclusively for the Film School. The title of the film remains a secret until the lights go down!
Excused students: MFAs in production; BFA1s in production on docs; BFA3s in coloring; and student handlers for admissions interviews on Friday afternoon.

Friday March 31st, 11:30AM–3:00PM

Academy Award-winner Barry Jenkins and Academy Award-nominees Joi McMillan and Nat Sanders will be in the house for a special screening of and Q&A for Moonlight. Need I say more?
Excused students: MFAs in production.

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