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Hi guys. Just putting the Coke contest on your radar. It won’t launch until sometime in August (or so they say), but if you think you might be interested in entering, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what you might want to do now. See the forwarded message below, and attachments for more info.

A new thing this year is that recent graduates can enter, which means the contest will be open to our BFA and MFA classes of 2017.

Here are last year’s winners (I think the top winner won a RED camera package):

Forwarded message:

I am thrilled to announce that the Coca-Cola Regal Films program will be running another platform later this year! We’re planning on launching the program in Mid August. Students will have through mid October to apply.

Here is a quick preview of what to expect:

  *   RED Digital Camera has come on as a partner to provide equipment and prizes!
  *   Selected students will receive 15K to produce their 35-second spot.
  *   The challenge will remain the same as it was this year: To create a spot about popcorn, Coke and the movie going experience.
  *   2017 Recent graduates are applicable to apply to the program
  *   We are now accepting animation submissions. NOTE: You can not animate a coke to give it “human” characteristics.

I'm happy to share last year’s brief. Please see attached the brief and a template for the budget. I added a few things to also consider.

  *   They can certainly customize this budget to their needs. Its meant to be a template.
  *   The challenge - got a little lost in the brief. The goal is to deliver ideas for a 30-second spot that drives home Coca-Cola popcorn and the movie going experience.
  *   We do accept animation but you can not animate a Coca-Cola to be "human" or have "human characteristics".
  *   We also need to be careful about "cause and effect" EX - if you drink this, XX will occur. Its a fine line.
  *   Feel free to share last years winning spots. http://bit.ly/2017Coca-ColaRegalFilms


Aviva Kleiner

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