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Subject: Lexus Short Films | Seeking short films - filmmakers submit for free

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[n the Spotlight, Withoutabox]

Los Angeles, California - USA
November to December, 2017

Dear Brenda,

In the Spotlight today is the 4th Season of Lexus Short Films<http://cl.s4.exct.net/?qs=3b92533b75b5753c5a4ffcf9f4c8201da0eeb009179a363ce5e1a950d469b5648669de85d96581454cd848cdadbeefc4> (LSF), presented by Lexus and The Weinstein Company (TWC). LSF has unearthed many exceptional filmmakers over the years, and once again the program opens submissions to filmmakers worldwide - there is no submission fee to enter.

This year's theme is "Transformation." Inspired by this creative direction, which identifies with the transformation of the Lexus brand, these short films will bring to light the idea that amazing things happen when you transform the ordinary into extraordinary. The filmmakers will be invited to interpret the meaning for their own narrative and to tell a story based around their vision.

Selected filmmakers will be announced at the Napa Valley Film Festival this fall, where they will have the opportunity to celebrate with festival patrons and fellow artists. Once selected, the four filmmakers for the 4th Season will each write and direct a short film produced by The Weinstein Company, meet with other well-established filmmakers, and work with some of Hollywood's A-list talent. Their completed films will receive promotional theatrical screenings, and the filmmakers will have the opportunity to gain further exposure by participating in a tour of top film festivals around the world to promote their films. Selected filmmakers will also be awarded an IMDbPro account and a First Look Commitment with The Weinstein Company.

[iew Listing]<http://cl.s4.exct.net/?qs=3b92533b75b5753c5a4ffcf9f4c8201da0eeb009179a363ce5e1a950d469b5648669de85d96581454cd848cdadbeefc4>   [ubmit Now] <http://cl.s4.exct.net/?qs=3b92533b75b5753c38d1dea96986551f36f1d01b2555e3923c2a41c0d52229df3688e6fd84ad62ab8dc1bd0171d1fdae>

July 19, 2017 - Regular Deadline
Submissions open through August 24, 2017
View submission details<http://cl.s4.exct.net/?qs=3b92533b75b5753c5a4ffcf9f4c8201da0eeb009179a363ce5e1a950d469b5648669de85d96581454cd848cdadbeefc4>

In 2013, Lexus Short Films launched with the goal of supporting and nurturing a new generation of emerging filmmakers. These aspiring Writers/Directors receive a unique opportunity supported by Lexus to collaborate with Oscar-winning film studio The Weinstein Company to produce and showcase their work on an international stage. Past Lexus Short Films have premiered with star-studded red carpets in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and at the Cannes Film Festival, with press coverage across top entertainment outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, Vanity Fair, E!, Extra, US Magazine, People, Deadline, and The Huffington Post.

Select regions will host a Premiere Event for each film at top film festivals starting in May/June 2018.

"We are thrilled to be partnering again with Lexus International," said The Weinstein Company co-chairman Harvey Weinstein. "We cannot wait to see what our new filmmakers have in store for next season to encompass the theme of Transformation."

Lexus Short Films invites filmmakers to submit a short film 2-25 minutes in length, with no submission fee. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to realize your dream - submit your short film today<http://cl.s4.exct.net/?qs=3b92533b75b5753c5a4ffcf9f4c8201da0eeb009179a363ce5e1a950d469b5648669de85d96581454cd848cdadbeefc4>!

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