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From Eric Jaffe (BFA.13). “Two years ago I decided to produce a podcast where I met every Eric Jaffe in the world. While life got in the way then, I've rededicated myself to a revised version of the concept and, last week, I had the opportunity to pitch it as a YouTube series in TBS Digitial's Pitch to Pilot competition. If you could take a moment of your time to click this link and vote for me, it would mean a whole lot. Feel free to share too. Preferably with kind words about what a kind and funny person I am.. Go to http://woobox.com/etwrem/gallery/2BT3UrEy4Oo

Any Jay-Z fans out there? Look for the La La Land/Moonlight Oscar fail reference on his new album! #FSUFilmLovesMoonlight<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/fsufilmlovesmoonlight?source=feed_text&story_id=1944676415558538>

Sørfond+<http://www.filmfrasor.no/sorfond/sorfondplus> is the sister fund to the Norwegian Sørfond, and supports co-productions between European film producers and producers from developing countries, and gives up to 50.000 Euros in support to co-productions between European producers and developing countries. For the first round the fund recieved 53 applications, and five projects were selected for funding; four fictions and one documentary sharing a total amount of € 217.000 (about NOK 2.080.000).. Congratulations to Oualid Mouaness (MFA 97) who’s project 1892 was selected!. You can read the article at: http://www.filmfrasor.no/sorfond/news/2017/Sorfond_tilskudd.html  and an article in Screen Daily at http://m.screendaily.com/5119557.article

In the current issue of Variety (June 21 2017) there's a feature article running several pages devoted to the TRH's 100 most powerful people in Hollywood.  Barry Jenkins (BFA 03)  is one of them.    Quote:'Moonlight, his tiny movie about an African-American gay kid growing up in Miami, brought in $65 million and established Jenkins, 37, as a voice impossible to ignore. Big Win: They don't come any bigger than best picture. Big Bet: The Underground Railroad series for Amazon.'

From Annushka Almendros (MFA Writing 16). “I have some exciting news: after several meetings, I just signed the dotted line on a concept and development deal with a small concept studio called Glow in the Dark, which is located in Burbank. We're working on an animated preschool idea of mine, and I'm excited to see where it goes. The future is bright!”

From Craig Kief (BFA 99). “Last summer I shot the followup film to '7 Days In Hell', which will premiere on HBO this Sunday the 8th at 10pm. It's called 'Tour de Pharmacy' and once again stars Andy Samberg, this time in a mockumentary about the 1983 Tour de France being the most drugged out Tour in history. The story is told through fake archival footage we shot, which I managed to dig up a bunch of old digibeta cameras for. They're a little newer than 80's vintage cameras, but as close as we could find. All the cycling was shot around Los Angeles (which we tried our best to make look like France) with a huge cast loaded with cameos. It very funny, and worth checking out. If you miss a broadcast, it'll be up on HBO GO and NOW for a very long time. There's a trailer here: https://youtu.be/pOTIqkD9fPA  Earlier this spring I wrapped the first season of 'The Mick' for FOX, and went right on to shoot a dramedy pilot for CBS. It turned out great and was picked up for an initial 12 episode order. I left The Mick and will start shooting the new show called 'Me Myself and I' in mid august. The show is a really unique telling of a man’s life, and will star Bobby Moynihan from SNL, and John Laroquette. The first trailer is here:  https://youtu.be/lU0TkGSkemM

Last week we got our copy of Vires, the FSU Alumni Association magazine, which had a 2 page picture of Frank and Barry Jenkins in Ruby Diamond Auditorium, a picture of Reb as our new Dean, an interview with Barry Jenkins, a tribute to Richard Portman,  and 61 items about our alums in Class Notes. If you don’t belong to the Alumni Association and didn’t get a copy you can look at the issue at:. http://alumni.fsu.edu/vires-magazine/vires-spring-2017  - your name might be listed in the alumni notes!

From Courtney Harmstone (BFA 12). “I wanted to write a quick update about my current project, Indigo Valley!  We managed to raise over our goal, $14,000, on Kickstarter (in 9 days, out of 25! It was crazy), thanks to some very generous FSU alumni, friends and family.  We are all flying out on Sunday to Iceland and then start shooting on Monday the 10th!  I can't believe we've made this happen, but the director, Jaclyn Bethany, and I are so excited. It's hard to fit into the schedule when working a full time job, but my team at Motion Picture Capital has been very supportive!  Looking forward to sharing some photos from Iceland.  It's a dream for me to visit and I can't wait to share the end result! . On a side note, I will be attending AFM with the short, so if any alums are around and want to catch up, I will be in LA in November!”

Faculty members Jason Maurer and Jonathan Stone were special presenters at the Florida Animation Festival while a number of students presented their work!

From Morgan Hanner (BFA.03). “Very excited about THE NINETIES premiering this Sunday! My episodes, "the Comeback Kid" and "Terrorism Hits Home",  will air in the coming weeks. Proud to be part of this incredible team!!. I worked with this team on THE SIXTIES too.”

From Dana Fytleson (MFA 14). “Stacy Milbourn (MFA '14), Stephanie Williams (MFA '14) Katie Harbin (MFA '14) and I entered the AT&T Create-A-Thon and advanced to the second round, and we're currently running an IndieGoGo to raise money for the making of our script! It's the pilot episode of a webseries written by Stacy about the Bronte sisters. The literary trio, sick of being oppressed in Victorian England, travel in time to modern day America in hopes of freedom. Elly Schaefer, (BFA Acting), is on board to play Emily Bronte, the middle sister. Filming will take place the weekend of July 14th, so any help we can get would be greatly appreciated!!. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bronte-time-a-web-series#/

The Destination Network is seeking a full time Videographer/Editor with experience in the video production process.You will be required to travel frequently to our markets throughout the South-East including: Atlanta, New Orleans, Key West, Myrtle Beach, Mobile and the Gulf Coast, from Mobile to Apalachicola. You must be local to Panama City Beach FL, or willing to re-locate. The Destination Network is a visitor information network serving resort and cultural markets throughout the southeast.
 Videography Skills:
 •             Setup, use and maintain an inventory of cameras. (Sony XDCAM, GoPro and DSLR)
•             Slider, Jib, and Steadicam experience is a plus
•             Utilize both wired & wireless audio equipment at any location
•             Setup and light interviews, retail products and food at any location
•             Gather b-roll for clients, events and stock
•             Direct professional/non-professional talent and models
•             Follow a shot list and improvise better shots when necessary
•             Transfer and log all footage to internal servers
 Editing Skills:
 •             Strong understanding of all video and audio formats
•             Must be proficient with Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Media Encoder
•             Working knowledge of After Effects & Audition is preferred
•             OS X desktop and laptop experience is a plus
•             Edit and deliver network and editorial style videos on time
•             Conceptualize and create motion graphics and titles as needed
 Please send cover letter and resume to: Francesca Sullivan-Hester  francesca at tripsmarter.com<mailto:francesca at tripsmarter.com>

Brenda is still on vacation so no Festival Update till next week.

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