[Film-bfad2] [Film-BFA] Emily's puzzle is ready to deliver to her

Linda Hensley lhensley at film.fsu.edu
Tue Dec 12 09:10:59 EST 2017

Hey Everyone,

THANK YOU — you did a great job of filling the back of the jigsaw puzzle with your sweet thoughts.  No blank area remained — it looked great!

Now comes the fun.  Pieces of the puzzle are in a box in room A1104 — the same room where you signed the puzzle.  Beginning now, when you have time, please grab a piece or two and deliver them to Emily in person.  I gave her a heads up that pieces of something would be dropped off by students, but she doesn’t yet know what it is.

Please only take a piece when you can deliver it to her.  Forgotten pieces in your pocket that never get delivered will not end well.

We so appreciate you taking the time and participating to make it a fun send-off.

I have some pieces in my office as well, so if you are in the area and it’s easier, just come by my office and grab a couple from me.



Linda Hensley
Chief of Staff
CMPA Office of the Dean
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