[Film-bfad2] [Film-BFA] Last chance to sign Emily's jigsaw puzzle

Linda Hensley lhensley at film.fsu.edu
Mon Dec 11 08:36:01 EST 2017

Hey Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder to sign the jigsaw puzzle for Emily — today is the last day for signing.

The puzzle and pens are located in the student conference room on the first floor, A1104; the room on the left of the entrance to the room with student mailboxes.

There is still plenty of room to sign you name.

After today, puzzle pieces will be placed in a box for you to grab a few pieces to hand deliver to Emily and wish her well in person.  This Thursday will be her last day.

I’ll send another email when it’s time to deliver the pieces.



Linda Hensley
Chief of Staff
CMPA Office of the Dean
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