[Film-bfad2] [Film-BFA] [Film-Students] Kanopy Streaming Service its FREE and amazing - lets use it so we don't lose it

George Slade kslade at fsu.edu
Fri Aug 25 14:38:43 EDT 2017

Hi All -

I strongly urge everyone in the film school to use the www.kanopystreaming.com service. As with many things, I worry that if we don’t use it we might lose it and we do not want to lose this revolutionary service.

I almost bought Filmstruck (criterion’s streaming app) subscription this past month, Im glad I didn’t. The kanopy service does the same thing for FREE. As a faculy, staff or student of FSU we all have access you just have to log on with your FSU email.

What is it?

Free streaming service for the CRITERION COLLECTION (the best curated collection of great world cinema in the world), a ton of incredible documentaries and many other non criterion films.

There is an app for Roku and Im sure one for the other streaming devices so you can watch all the content at home, in bed, on a plane wherever super easy.

As a faculty member and possibly as a student (we are looking into that), you can CLIP any portion of any movie in the streaming service. You can make playlists and customize the clips however you want. I have created a Cine I Week I playlist of clips and it was super easy. No more lugging around a thumb drive of clips.

Believe it or not I do not have stock in this company and I do sound like an informercial but I am just amazed that I have discovered this and want to share it.

Keith Slade:
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