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Linda Hensley lhensley at film.fsu.edu
Mon Aug 14 09:39:56 EDT 2017

Hey Faculty, Staff and Students,

I’ve entered a photograph into the Florida Farm Bureau’s photo competition.  My categoy is Natural Florida and Wildlife.  The contest is through Facebook, so you will need to log in to vote; voting is by LIKING the photo.  I’ve pasted the link below.   (If you arent’ a member of Facebook, you can’t participate.)

There are two categories on their Facebook page — On the Farm and Natural Florida and Wildlife.   Just scroll down when you reach their page until you see a black and white image of a camera with NATURAL FLORIDA AND WILDLIFE.  There are 85 photos in my category.  My entry is number 82 (yellow wildflowers with a bumble bee, taken on Mather’s Farm Road in Medart, FL).  You can get to it quickly by clicking on the left scroll arrow.

I’d appreciate your vote/like, but there are other great photos, so like as many as you wish.  Voting is from today through Friday, Aug. 18th.  There are great photos in the ON THE FARM category as well.  Be sure to view those too.




Linda Hensley
Chief of Staff
CMPA Office of the Dean
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