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Dear Students,

Our annual Keylight celebration is coming up this week and I wanted you to keep some things in mind.

The number one thing that students always ask us to do more of is bring in working filmmakers for screenings and workshops. Keylight is one of the ways that I’m able to do just that.

So, it is important that you all are there on Friday afternoon and ready to be engaged, curious, and fearless.

I want you to read up on our alums and bring questions. LOTS of questions. Because I am going to try and turn as much of these sessions over to you as time will allow, so you can ask what you want and get the conversation going in a way that really benefits you. I don’t want this to be me asking a bunch of questions with you sitting back there nodding off. Come prepared!

And remember, right now you might feel these aren’t jobs you are interested in doing right now but careers come from opportunity and unexpected turns. We’ve trained you all to be ready for the big picture. Don’t lose this opportunity to network, and always keep all doors open.

We have two workshops this Friday.

The first is a production panel.

I have put together a cross section of alums working in popular on-set crew positions. All the alums on this panel are actively working on commercials, music videos, features and some things you didn’t even know were a “thing.” Most of these alums are in their respective unions and all are making a career out of a “freelance” market.

Think about what you need to know when you get out there. How do you get started? How do you get in the unions? Why or when should you go union? How do you keep the jobs coming in? Biggest mistake made on set? Do you pull focus to measurements or to monitors? All questions are valid and quite often the one question you are afraid to ask is the one everyone else wishes someone would ask.

The second is a screening and Q&A.

We are going to screen Aaron Moorhead's new feature and talk with him and a longtime collaborator, Will Sampson. These guys have an interesting working relationship and are out there doing things just a little different. You should look up Aaron and read about his past work and how he makes films. Will Sampson is a specialist and runs a creative co-op space called Powerhouse in Silver Lake in LA. This is a very cool space and the winners of the Chip Chalmers Mentor Award (both MFA and BFA) get a prepaid desk in this space for the first six months out in LA.

I am very excited to bring this group in to talk with you. It wasn’t easy to get them here because thankfully they are all working… a lot. But they have taken time around their shoots to come back and share with you their experiences and help you get a peek into the real side of the business. You never know where these opportunities will help you down the line. Respect that.

Attached are some bios to get you started.



Reb Braddock
Filmmaker in Residence
College of Motion Picture Arts
Florida State University
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