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Much love to all the Jason, Tony, Val, Antonio, Jim and Meryl!! You all rock the planet and seldom take a bow!

Hugs and Love,

-- David Barrow Wiley, MFA
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Subject: Give some love to your friendly neighborhood Faculty and Staff

Dear Students,

I want to take just a second to brag about your most excellent faculty and staff. We have an amazing group working right alongside of you, looking out for you, and dreaming of success for you.

This last year the College has been proud to have a number of our folks recognized for their dedication, talent and hard work, and I just wanted to point a few of them out to you in case you haven’t already heard.

First, two of our staff members were recognized at a university ceremony for their sustained service to FSU.

Jim Green, for twenty years of service to the Film School.


Meryl Warren, for over fifty years of service to both the University and the Film School. In case you didn’t know, Meryl helped found the Film School and has been here ever since. She knows everyone who’s ever graduated.

Second, two of our faculty were honored with a prestigious University Teaching Award in a celebration dinner just last night. This is a student-nominated award and is the one of the most important recognitions a faculty member can receive while teaching here in the University.

Jason Maurer, won the Undergraduate University Teaching Award.


Tony Ciarlariello, won the Graduate University Teaching A ward.

 Third, some international recognition.

Valerie Richard Auzenne, was recognized this year with a Fulbright Scholar Award. The Fulbright program, which is very competitive, offers funding that enables scholars to enlarge their understanding of their discipline by studying in other countries. Dr. Vall will spend the fall semester in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.


Antonio Mendez Esparza, was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. These fellowships are awarded to scholars and artists on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise. Antonio’s fellowship was awarded to help him finish his second feature film, Life and Nothing More, which he shot last fall right here in Tallahassee.

Before you walk for graduation or go onto your semester break, take a second to congratulate them for their accomplishments and say thanks for all that they do for you.

And after you do that, take a moment to say thanks to all your other faculty and staff here, because there aren’t enough awards for what they all do for you every day.

Thanks, and have a great break (right after you send that email to your faculty…)


Reb Braddock
Interim Dean
Filmmaker in Residence
College of Motion Picture Arts
rbraddock at admin.fsu.edu<mailto:rbraddock at admin.fsu.edu>

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