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Hi everyone,

I’m working on getting you registered for the summer semester.  However, MANY of you still have holds on your accounts, particularly your Financial Responsibility hold.   Please make sure you are lifting all holds for summer so I can get you registered in a timely manner.   A list of holds is found below.  A couple of reminders:

1. When you lift your financial responsibility hold, be sure that you are clicking through all of the steps.  You’ll need to acknowledge the document, then click “Next” at the top of the page, otherwise your hold will not be lifted.

2.  You will more than likely have 2 health insurance holds right now—one for summer and one for fall.  If you will be enrolling in the fall, you’ll need to go to the health center website and enter your insurance informaiton for the fall (since it’s a new academic year)—even if it’s the same as it is now.

3.  BFA2 students—you will probably have a University graduation check hold.  Follow the steps in the link below to lift that hold.  That goes through the University so it takes a bit longer to do, so don’t wait on getting that lifted.

If you have questions about any of these holds, please let me know.  Once your holds are lifted, please let me know so I can get you registered.


Students must verify with the University that they have health insurance each semester before being able to register for classes. To lift the hold, please go to the health center's website at http://www.uhs.fsu.edu<http://www.uhs.fsu.edu/>/.  Along the middle of the page are grey tabs—click the tab on the far right that says "Insurance".  Along the top of the page are two flashing red areas—click either "Waive Insurance" or "Purchase Insurance".  Fill out the appropriate information  to show proof of insurance for the Summer or Fall 2017 semester.

You owe the University money.  Please contact Student Financial Services at 850-644-9452 or stop into their office on the other half of UCA (Suite 1500) to pay the balance owed on your account.

You have not completed the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement required each semester of students.  To complete this, please go to the To-Do list section of your Student Central page (on the left side of the home screen about halfway down.  Click the link that says Financial Responsibility and follow the on-screen steps.

You need to have a graduation check done with the University to ensure you are on track to graduate in a timely manner.  You’ll need to request the graduation check online via this link: http://registrar.fsu.edu/services/graduation/    From the website, you’ll see a red link that says “Request a University Graduation Check” under the red Graduation subtitle.  Fill out the form, and once it’s submitted, your hold will be removed within 24 hours.

The Univeristy requires that all student financial aid refunds be issued via direct deposit into your bank account or account of your choosing.  Click this link:  http://controller.vpfa.fsu.edu/student-business/refunds and follow the instructions to remove the direct deposit hold. Contact Student Business Services at 850-644-9452 if you have follow-up questions.

The Office of Admissions has not yet received your final, official transcript, AP scores, etc.  To have the hold removed, you need to send an official transcript or missing documentation (in a sealed envelope) to the Office of Admissions. To find out what you are missing, visit https://admissions.fsu.edu/StatusCheck or call 850-644-6200.

Emily Burgess, M. Ed
Assistant to the Associate Dean
Student Services Coordinator
The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts
University Center A  l  Suite 5100  l  P.O. Box 3062350  l  Tallahassee, FL 32306-2350

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