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Andrew Syder asyder at fsu.edu
Wed Jul 29 09:46:33 EDT 2015


This is just a reminder that course evaluation sessions have been scheduled this week for the different cohorts. Here’s the schedule for these sessions:

	12:00PM - MFA2 Production Track 3  (in the Droid Lab)
	12:30PM - MFA2 Production Track 4  (in the Mac Pro Lab)
	1:00PM - MFA1 & MFA2 Writers  (in the Droid Lab)
	10:00AM - BFA1 Track 1  (in the Mac Pro Lab)
	1:00PM - BFA2 ADA  (in the Droid Lab)
	2:00PM - BFA1 Track 2  (in the iMac Lab)

Sessions for MFA1 Production and BFA2 Production will be scheduled for next week.

Attendance is required for all students. There will be a faculty member at each session to help you with the process and to answer any questions that you might have. 


Andrew Syder, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
College of Motion Picture Arts
Florida State University
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